Monday, March 30, 2009

A Zero Cost Date

Here is a suggested date costing zero dollars; in particular, those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go to the Bayfront Park in Millbrae, CA. The park is small and has a walk path for walkers, joggers, and bikers. The park and path overlooks the bay and the San Francisco International Airport. Free parking is available.

You and your date arrive in Bayfront Park. Both of you get out of the car, walk on the path, and find a bench to look at the bay and the airplanes arriving and departing. Each of you guess the airplane's destination when departing or guess the airplane's departed airport when arriving. Obviously, both of you don't know the correct answers. The guessing helps both of you learn more about each other—have a conversation. For example,

*airplane departing*

HIM: Hey, where do you think the airplane is going?

HER: Hmmm, I guess Denver, CO.

HIM: I heard Denver has great ski resorts.

HER: The last time I skied was 5 years ago.

HIM: I always wanted to try snowboarding. I watch the Winter Olympics'06 and those snowborders rock.

HER: I always wanted to try, too.

HIM: Let's do it. Next winter, let's go snowboarding.

HER: I love that.

*airplane departing*

HIM: Your turn. Where is the airplane going?

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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