Thursday, November 12, 2009

De Anza Week Nov 9, 2009

Mon Nov 9, 2009

Today was another example you never know too many people. One of my classmate's friend got a contractor job at Google. She was the student who got laid off at Yahoo! in Feb'08. She continues to take Accounting 1A while working. She's not going to attend classes. Congrats!

Today we reviewed the upcoming second mid-term covering Chaps 4 and 5 on Wed. I did OK on the pre mid-term. The questions were straightforward. The second mid-term is 1/3 multiple choice, a couple of short answer, and lots of journal entries. After I take the mid-term, I start on the class project.

Dance class we finished learning the East Coast Swing and started the Tango. I knew the basic Tango from my sister. The instructor taught the Tango at an intermediate level. And I want to say today's class reinforces my opinion the Wed class is better than the Mon class.

Wed Nov 11, 2009

Veteran's Day. The drive to school was much easier. Schools were closed. I took my second mid-term. It was trickier and harder than the first. Some of the questions were harder and wasn't clear cut. Thinking was involved. I liked the instructor telling the students to write their thinking on multiple choice questions if they're not sure for partial credit. The last question was a fun question that asked our favorite ice cream. The second to last question was calculating the inventory of ice cream, and that was one of a few tricky questions. My thinking was beginning inventory plus added inventory minus used inventory equals inventory now.

The second mid-term convinced me over-studying is useless. Even though I'm taking one class requiring homework and studying, I believe over-studying is a waste of time. Studying and reviewing today is useless. Both are not going to help me increase my score. It's either I know it or I don't.

I over-studied too many times when I attended San Jose State. Thinking back, I say almost all of my over-studying was useless. Over-studying increased my worries and anxieties. I could have used the wasted time for something more productive. Over-studying was more memorizing and less thinking. Taking Accounting 1A and going back to school made me realize I failed to think in class. I could have gotten better grades, understood the concepts efficient, and had extra time to learn and grow outside my classes.

I had a light lunch. The extra time between accounting and social dance because of the mid-term I use to eat dinner. I know I'm not supposed to eat at Campus Center to save money. Today I made it an exception. I wanted to eat Chinese. I timed getting Chinese because around 6pm the cook prepared new food. Unfortunately, it was not the case. There were lots of people at the Campus Center. I walked up to Chinese and the food was gone. I settled for a burger and fries. I talked to one of the cooking staff waiting for my burger and fries. He and I small talked during Spring Quarter '09.

Dance class we reviewed the Cha Cha Cha for the Dance Demonstration on Wed Dec 2. Then the rest of the class we learned the Salsa. Good choice, instructor to skip the Fox Trot. The Wed dance class has been much better than the Mon dance class. I sign up for the Wed dance class for Winter Quarter '10.

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