Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Chet Baker

I listen to classical jazz when I eat breakfast. I rotate my CDs such that I always listen to all my CDs before I start a new rotation. One of my CDs is "Let's Get Lost" by Chet Baker. I listen to Baker's CD when I feel depressed. (We all get depressed. We are humans.) I felt depressed, Baker's CD was ready. If I listened to Baker's CD, I was not going to be depressed for the rest of the rotation. If the rotation reset, I was going to be depressed soon. I felt better after listening to the CD. Always happened.

I broke the cycle for the first time. I realized I'm human on Sun Nov 1, 2009. I'm human, everyone around me is human. I never felt more relaxed, more easy going, more kind since Oct 2008. I realized I must grow up on Oct 4, 2008.

Currently, I have a new rotation. The last rotation I skipped Chet Baker. There are no guarantees in life. If I feel depressed again, Chet Baker is in the rotation. For now, I'm enjoying life at my best, a feeling I missed in a long time.

I Continue To Find Myself Finding Raymond Mar

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