Thursday, November 19, 2009

De Anza Week Nov 16, 2009

Mon Nov 16, 2009

This morning I learned washing your face with warm water before shaving makes the shave smoother. I shaved without washing my face and my shave was rough. I wash my face half-ass and I realized it still made a difference.

We got our accounting mid-terms #2 back. The average score was 80. I scored a 94. One question I thought I knew the formula; unfortunately, I didn't. The second question I missed I got partial credit. The partial credit question I failed to read all the choices because there were two correct answers. Lesson learned for the final: read all the multiple choice questions. Read all!

The class was missing quite a few students. Most students and the instructor guessed they dropped the class. My thinking is if they can't pass Accounting 1A, maybe business is not cut out for them. The same thinking applies to me when I was a math major. I couldn't prove math theories, I changed majors.

The instructor started chapter 6 after we discussed mid-term #2. There is going to be a quiz on Wed.

I need to check my De Anza registration for Winter '10. I plan to take Accounting 1B, two other accounting classes, singing (for Rock Band), and Social Dance-Wed. I'm taking advantage of one accounting class to catch up on anime. I should find time to read a fiction book after I catch up on anime. I find time for cooking, working out at the gym, and time with my friends. I feel spoiled I don't have the work. I respect full times students who work.

The beginning of dance class I was out of it. We started the class reviewing the Nite Club Two Step. I didn't follow the routine, and my partner didn't help me. I vowed to stay focus on the Dance Demonstration on Wed Dec 2 where the class dance the Nite Club in front of other students from the other dance classes. After Nite Club, we learned the Tango. There was a new spin move the instructor forgot the name. I ask my sister tonight.

Wed Nov 18, 2009

I checked my registration date. I register on Wed Dec 2. I plan to take Accounting 1B, two more accounting classes, singing, and social dance. None of my classes are general education. I shouldn't have any problems.

There was another quiz in accounting. It was a simple question. The purpose of the quizzes was to take attendance more than quizzing how the students know the material. After the quiz, the instructor finished lecturing Chap 6 and started the homework. The instructor said Wed Nov 25, the day before Thanksgiving, we have class for one hour. There is dance class Wed night. More free time between accounting and dancing.

OK, for the rest of the quarter, I must eat something before dance class. If I must buy food at the cafeteria, then I buy something. The first part of the class we reviewed the Cha Cha Cha for the Dance Demonstration on Wed Dec 2. I started dancing the Nite Club Two Step. Bad move. I vowed to stay focus on the demonstration. The rest of the class we learned more Salsa. I had problems concentrating; fortunately, I memorized the footwork and the arm moments. Need more practice.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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