Friday, November 20, 2009

Accutane Day 288

The 40mg Accutane seems to be working. I experience muscle aches and fatigue since I doubled the dosage. The muscle aches happen when I work out. The fatigue is minor and happens one or two times a week. I apply Desoximetasone ointment when dermatitis appears on my hand that has been minor, too. I apply lip balm for my dry lips and Vanicream hand moisturizer for my dry skin. The side effect eczema has not happened. That's good news!

Moreover, since Mon Nov 16, a pimple appeared on my lower left cheek closer to my mouth. Last night, two small red bumps appeared on my lower left side of my forehead just above the eye brows. I wonder if I'm going to experience an acne breakout. Acne breakouts are supposed to happen days after taking Accutane for the first time. I didn't experience an acne breakout when I started taking it back in Feb.

Sometimes I see red spots on my forehead. The red spots appear after I workout at the gym. I apply Vanicream and the red spots disappear two days later. I told the dermatologist and she said there is nothing to worry. I keep watch.

I'm going to modify my workouts at the gym. Fortunately, I know two workout plans. The first workout plan is all machines and the second workout plan is mostly free weights. I'm going to modify the first workout plan by lower the weight and increase the number of reps. I do two sets of reps per machine. If I want to workout with the second workout plan, then all workouts are two sets. Some workouts are three sets. I thought about taking one week off from going to the gym. I want to try the modified workouts first.

I'm approaching 300 days on Accutane. All the people I know who took Accutane the treatment worked. I continue being patient. For instance, it took 135 days for the warts to be removed. The average treatment is six months from my research. Talk about being a late bloomer.

Finally, one side effect not happening is being depressed. On the contrary, I'm in the best mood, probably the best mood for all of 2009 now I think about it.

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