Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do Boring People Exist?

A person is not boring when he or she is doing something such as work, leisure, being with people, or raising the family. What am I going to do today? I believe a person who can't answer the question is not boring; rather, a person has too much time in their hands. There is a lack of motivation to do something, anything. There is no inspiration to do something, anything new. He or she rather takes it too easy instead of being busy.

A bored person is someone who does a task, a responsibility, a job, an activity with no heart. There is a lack of effort. There is no enthusiasm. The person doesn't care what's happening at the moment. The job is completed satisfactory without satisfaction like a boring teacher. The lesson is taught. The teaching methods and the teacher explaining the concepts are without care. The job is done. There is no emphasizes on quality. It's like cooking a meal with no seasonings, and pre-cook preparation. It's like a birthday cake without frosting and colorful decorations. It's not what he or she does. It's not who he or she are with. It's how a person presents himself or herself and their actions determine what other people think bored or not bored. Do everything honestly, professionally, and with a smile.

Moreover, I believe boring is relative and subjective. There are tier levels or different degree of boringness. Who are the people with you? What are you doing at the present moment? Where are you? How are you presenting yourself? The people who relates to what you're doing, where you're doing, and how you're doing determines you're bored or not bored. Some people say you're bored. Some people say you're not bored. For instance, I'm going to be bored watching bird documentaries on YouTube. On other hand, I'm going to be excited watching highlights from past professional sporting events on YouTube. Here are examples when I'm with my friends. I'm bored when my friends talk about video games. On the other hand, my friends and I are excited when we play board games together. My friends are bored when I talk about sports and reading books.

More People In Your Life

A good test to determine if you're a boring person is how many people enjoy your company. The people include friends, family, and acquaintances. Another test is how many new people you meet remain in your life for an appropriate duration. You're a good person with good company, an active life, and the number of people remaining in your life increases indefinitely means you're not a boring person.

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