Monday, July 07, 2014

What Is Innovate Infinitely?

Innovate Infinitely means never stop innovating life. Always get better. Always be better. Do something better continuously. Do them infinitely. There is always a better way. Always.

I created Innovate Infinitely driving to Japantown in San Jose in 2000. I was waiting for a green light on Taylor St. I wanted to create a theme for my webpage which tells my belief to never stop improving. The words "Innovate" and "Infinitely" came together in my mind.

Today In Year 2014

Why am I still living at home? Why am I working at a low paying job? Why do I have a smaller circle of friends today? I experienced setbacks such as losing my job at Cisco in 2008 and long-term unemployment after graduating at De Anza in 2011; however, I found a new job to restart my life. What happened?

My partial answers are I'm still weak, I need more life experience, and I need more wisdom. I'm holding back. Why? Timing and luck are factors in success. They're going somewhere else. Furthermore, I need more focus and direction. I'm completing odds and ends tasks lingering for months. I'm retired from anime. The next projects are looking at the job market and learning new job skills. I'm becoming a professional.

I have no long-term solutions. I need more strength and opportunities. I need more time to awake my ultimate hidden beast. I achieve my ultimate innovating my life infinitely soon. There is no conclusion in today's blog because I don't have a conclusion--I don't have absolute answers.


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