Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mike's Rules

I create new rules to give my life more strength. I name the rules "Mike's Rules" because there was a night time staffer at my gym named Mike. He smiled and small talked with the members. He reminded me to begin greetings in a friendly way; moreover, communicate a variety of greetings. I wish him luck pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Here are Mike's Rules:

Complement A Person. Your goals are to recognize the person's presence, make the person smile, and say thank you. For example, complement on the person's boots.

Take The Initiative to make people feel better. A complement is a good idea. Other ideas include offering assistance, be a good listener, and being the person to get change to help pay the bill in a restaurant.

Communicate the other person's name. Write the person's name on the email. Say the person's name first when communicating to him or her. Sir, miss, ladies, and gentlemen are acceptable.

Begin And End In A Friendly Way. Greet the people you see for the first time today. Good morning. How's your day? Are you feeling better? Top of the morning. What has been going on? Say goodbye to the people you see for the last time today. Drive safely. Have a good day. Bye guys. Ladies, take care. Add variety to your greetings and endings.

Smile. Self explanatory.

Give Sincere Appreciation. Self explanatory, too.

Small Talk. Small talk is acceptable conversations. Sometimes small talk leads to long conversations. Small talk can be useful to meet new people.

Be Professional. The most important rule in Mike's Rules. Do everything professionally. Be a pro. We watch professional sports players on television. They're working. They're performing at their highest professional level.

I add three new rules that are excluded from the original list.

Addendum #1: Fake It 'Til You Believe It. There are going to be moments you must trust you intuition. Convince yourself you can do it for others to follow. Believe in yourself.

Addendum #2: A Quote I Remember. "You can choose comfort or you can choose courage, but you cannot have both." --Theodore Roosevelt

Addendum #3: High Power. I pose and present my physical self in the high power.


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