Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Today Is The Saddest Day In My Life Ever

Today is the saddest day in my life. I don't remember any sadder day. I don't remember blogging something sad. I'm human. I have feeling of being sad and depressed. I realize there are sadder days in the future; however, the present is the present. It's a very say day.

What happened? I started a new job yesterday. I quit today. I'm not showing up for work tomorrow. My reasons are valid. I prepared for the job. I was excited to start a new career. I purchased new shoes, changed my oil in my car for the longer commute, and adapted a new sleep routine. I completed tasks that needed to be completed a while back. What a waste of effort. I resigned my last job which was going downhill. I resigned two jobs in less than a week. I'm unemployed again.

If there's one happy note from most of my jobs I resigned, then the note is all of them were going downhill. Two companies were bankrupt.

How Do I Cheer Myself Up?

Live my life faithfully. Continue living. Keep going. Don't stop. Be strong. Be true. Learn from my mistakes. For instance, I start job searching after I post my blog. I continue learning new job skills and reviewing my Excel and Access. I complete tasks from my to do list that needed to be completed months ago. Don't live being a loser. Earn being a winner.

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