Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prepare Multiple Conversation Subjects

Prepare two speeches. The first speech is victory. The second speech is defeat. Life comes down to moments, events, and circumstances. The conversations are determined by the outcome. The outcomes are determined by the actions. The actions are determined by the choices. Anything can happen--sometimes, it takes minutes or seconds to make the choice. Make the present count.

Someone wins. Someone loses. A team is the champion because of one play. A team is the runner-up because of a bad judgment from a player or a coach. A business makes a bad decision resulting in a bad fiscal year resulting in cutbacks. A business makes a good decision resulting in high bonuses. A couple breaks up because one person made a mistake. Two people become a couple because one person has the courage to ask the other person out for the first date to start the long-term relationship. Students discuss test scores smiling they studied hard or crying they studied wrong.

The end results and the processes dictate how the conversation starts. We hope the conversations are always positive. The reality is some conversations are winners and some conversations are losers. The world is a zero-sum game. There are equal positive conversations. There are equal negative conversations.


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