Sunday, October 28, 2018

Today I Want To Talk About Taking Care Of Yourself

Self-responsibility. Self-respect. I'm serious. Everyone can live better lives working on themselves. Everyone can achieve one step closer to become happy. Take care of yourself honestly. Take care of yourself sincerely. Don't take life for granted. Don't take your body for granted.

Take care of yourself head to toe. Take care of yourself inside and outside. Everything is important. Physical health is important. Eat healthily. Be physical move your body. Mental health is important. Read books. Learn new skills such as job related skills. More knowledge is required in today's information age. Surround yourself with good people to be emotionally stable. Be honest choosing your circle of relationships. Sleep well to practice good spiritually. Our bodies must sleep to recover. A good recovery is required for good physical, mental, and emotional well being. Finally, control your spending. Make good financial choices. Minimize eating out. Buy the best mattress you can afford.

I've seen people and I've heard of people stressing out. In particular, stressed out mothers and fathers affect their children. Stressed out people forget who they are. Stressed out people become weaker, think slower, lose patience, self-esteem becomes poor, and spend more money on processed foods. They fail to take time to take care of their bodies. No self-responsibility. No self-respect. It's ironic intelligent hard work is required to take care of our bodies which includes family time and leisure time.

Update On A Past Blog

I listed books which were New York Times Best Sellers in 2008 in Instant Bullets Blog Nov 11, 2017. The books are under the bullet point "Top Ten New York Times Books Best Seller list in 2008." I finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Feb 2018. I forgot to add The Beach House by Jane Green on the list for which I finished reading in Sep 2018. I'm currently reading City Of Thieves by David Benioff.


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