Sunday, October 21, 2018

Instant Bullets Blog Oct 21, 2018

*Two Absolute Minimums. An individual's absolute minimum is become a better person each day. Everyday a person becomes better today compared to yesterday. A married couple's absolute minimum is become a better couple each day. Everyday the marriage becomes better today compared to yesterday.

*Faster Car Repair Service. Tell the repair shop manager you have an important event to attend; for example, a wedding trip, a family reunion, or a child's finals recital. Maybe the repair shop fast track your auto repair request.

*Backyard Peace. My mom helped me transfer one of my indoor plants to a bigger pot with better soil. We were in the backyard. I rarely go to the backyard. The ten minutes I helped I felt peace because of the trees and plants.

*Shoes. I better understand why women own many shoes. One reason is art. Women shoes are art. Women shoes are beauty. Another reason is practicality. Women wear the proper shoe for the proper occasion. I own many shoes for the occasion. My shoes are the following: cardio at the gym, weights at the gym, hiking or backpacking, cleats for playing sports on grass, skater shoes for socializing, outdoor shoes involving water, backup sandals for backpacking, sandals walking around the house, ROTC military boots, formal shoes when I wear a suit, and ballroom dancing.

*Stress must be in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) infectious diseases. A group of people stresses out when one person in the group stressed out. Stress is contagious.

*Chrome And Firefox Add-Ons. Here are my add-ons for my two browsers: Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder; Chrome Download Manager for Chrome only; Complete YouTube Downloader for Firefox only; Download Manager (S3) for Firefox only; Flash and Video Download for Firefox only; Flash Video Downloader for Firefox only; Forest: stay focused, be present; Full Page Screen Capture; Go Back With Backspace for Chrome only; HTTPS Everywhere; Imagus; Mercury Reader; OneTab; Privacy Badger; The Camelizer; The Flash Video Downloader for Chrome only; uBlock Origin; Video DownloadHelper for Firefox only; and Video Downloader professional for Chrome only.

*Labyrinth Movie Life Lessons. The worm said things don't appear as they seem. The wiseman said sometimes you must go backwards (to go forwards).

*Neighbors And Family Friends Keep In Touch. Buy a birthday cake to a neighbor's or family friend's son or daughter on their birthday. Drop off the cake at the residence. Spend a few minutes small talk catching up. A simple idea.

Update On A Past Blog

Freakonomics posted a podcast titled Here’s Why You’re Not an Elite Athlete (Ep. 351) on Sep 26, 2018. The podcast reminded me I wrote Top Ten Life Lessons I Learned Watching Sports on Nov 5, 2016. Some of my lessons included redemption, streaks and slumps, and consistency. The Freakonomics podcast mentioned luck, circumstances, and talent are reasons to be an elite athlete. My blog and the podcast both mentioned good coaching and support.


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