Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Adults Behaving Like Bad Behavior Children At The 2020 State Of The Union

I didn't watch the 2020 Presidential State Of The Union address on Tue Feb 4. I heard about President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi behavior afterwards. The behavior was unprofessional in my opinion. The behavior was childish in my opinion. I watched videos and read articles. Politicians being professionals in government? Yes in a way. Politicians behaving childish? Some yes, most no. All politicians lie, cheat, and steal? The question is another conversation.

Trump didn't shake Pelosi's hand after giving Vice President Mike Pence and Pelosi a copy of the State Of The Union. Trump didn't shake Pence's hand. Pence didn't extend his hand to shake Trump. It appeared Trump didn't see Pelosi's hand.

Pelosi didn't say the customary "High privilege and distinct honor" introducing Trump. On the other hand, if Pelosi said the customary introduction, some Democrats and some political scientists say Pelosi is lying.

Some democratic lawmakers walked out of Congress during the speech.

Pelosi ripped her copy of the State Of The Union immediately after the address was completed.

Did Pelosi's actions ruin the Democrats winning the 2020 Presidential Election? I can see Republicans using the moment for political commercials. Actions speak louder than words. Adults are not perfect. Some adults behave immature. Time will tell.

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