Friday, August 19, 2005

I Promise My Last Entry On My Sickness . . . How To Reduce The Chances Getting Sick Next Time

The last two days were incredible. I feel sooooo much better the last two days. I’m still taking Vitamin C, drinking green tea, and I started drinking ginger ale and taking Tylenol Cold and Allergy once a day. I feel upbeat, except now I’m at work getting wacky assignments. I feel better when the workday ends.

O.K. How do you reduce the chances of getting sick. The common sense is stay away from people getting sick, keep yourself warm in cold days (although some medical experts says doing this doesn’t prevent getting some kind of virus), drink water daily, eat healthy and exercise, and there are a ton more. Those common sense factors are controllable. The key word is “controllable.” The more you control yourself given the surroundings which includes the people you are with, the food you eat, your exercise schedule, how hot and how cold you are, you can reduce your chances of getting sick. Here are some examples I got and sick and what I learned,

August 2005: My family reunion most of the family were in the living room with the air condition on. The air condition did a terrible job cooling the room. What made me sick was the stagnant, warm air. I should have opened the windows and turn on the fans to circulate the air.

August 2003: I went to my attic to use some old packaging material to ship goods I sold on eBay. The packaging material was full of dust. What made me sick was I inhaled a big amount as I was unfolding the packaging material. I should have used a dust mask and blow of the dust using an air compressor. Better yet, I should have tossed the packaging material in the garbage and purchase new ones.

December 2001: I went to an arcade with a friend on New Year’s Eve. The arcade had poor circulation and it was really hot with the arcade machines, even when I took off my jacket. What made me sick was I was dehydrated. I should have drink water to keep me hydrated.

July 2000: San Jose experienced unseasonable cold temperatures. I slept with the windows fully open and no blankets. The next day I was shivering and had a sore throat. What made me sick was the unseasonable cold temperature at night. I should have informed myself of the changes of weather. If I knew the night temperature was going to be cold, I closed the windows and put on blankets.

January 1998: I ate spicy pizza at a pizza place my family got for free because the pizza place was sponsoring an event. The next day I had a sore throat. What made me sick was the spicy pizza for which I didn’t drink any soda. I should have drink soda instead of water. I know you are supposed to drink water; unfortunately, somehow the water didn’t work. Since then, when I eat spicy food, I drink soda and never became sick since due to spicy food. I do drink water afterwards.

October 1998: My favorite and most memorable. I was attending a gaming convention. In the game room, I was playing a board game and having so much fun I never realized the room was warm and I never realized I didn’t drink water the entire day. One of the attendees was gracious to purchase pizza. The pizza was not spicy. Somehow the spices got me but didn’t make me thirsty. What made me sick was the pizza that made me thirsty for which I didn’t drink anything and I didn’t even drink anything at all. I should have purchased bottle water because the room was warm and I should have drink soda when I was eating pizza.

One more tip. Drink green tea everyday. I started drinking green tea in September 2003. So far, I only got sick once in August 2005, and the sickness was minor because I didn’t have to see the doctor *knock on wood*


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