Friday, July 21, 2006

Take It Easy

The last of the AX feeling is leaving me. I’m taking it easy as July winds down and getting into the grove of my normal routine outside work and with family and friends. Yesterday, I went to the gym and took it slow and steady. I keep the schedule for the next three gym visits. I go to the gym on Thursday and Friday nights.

I wake up early in the mornings to read and during the evenings after dinner, I do computer work including working on my webpage, update my ININ Blog, and learn Crystal Reports. I started the early morning and after dinner routine in June. First, though, I did computer work in the morning and read after dinner which didn’t work. I switched to read in the morning and computer in the evening and it works successfully.

The Innovating Common Knowledge Blogs are coming back, too XD I’m aware the last Blogs were all Anime Expo 2006. That’s O.K. My Blogs are open ended and anything goes. And there are a few who reads my Blogs and I’m sure they enjoy my Innovating Common Knowledge Blog entries. Thanks to the few ^__^ who reads my Blogs.

Let’s see what else I’m taking it easy to get stuff done and doing my outside activities. I mentioned gym, morning reading, evening computer, . . . hmmm. Stocks research. I must get back to stock research. Pretty soon when the stock market crash and real estate market crash, there are going to be bargains $-) When I eat breakfast and dinner on workdays, I read articles I print on the web and from my emails. For lunch, I bring my laptop to work and watch anime.

For the weekends, it’s anything goes. My weekends are when I finish anything I need to finish. Essentially, it’s the time I think about what I can do to spice up my boring life. *Hee, hee*

Side note: I forgot to mention a couple of stuff from my AX Blogs. I correct them ASAP and mention the additional AX activities on future Blog entries. Sorry for those I forgot to mention :-(


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