Monday, August 28, 2006

One Lesson Of Life Cosplaying

I started cosplaying in 2004 as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. My second cosplay was Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle. I regretted I never cosplayed ever since I heard of the word cosplay. Cosplaying is fun, fun, fun <3

The third cosplay is Toshirou Hitsugawa from Bleach. I choose to cosplay him after Fanime Con 2006. I wanted to cosplay him at Anime Expo 2006; unfortunately, my Mom didn't have enough fabric. The cosplay was delayed and I plan to cosplay him at Japantown Anime Faire 2006 . . . where I debut my Edward and Syaoran cosplays *chuckles*

The lesson of life I learned cosplaying is to never rush. Making a cosplay takes time. There is research, purchasing the materials including fabric, and labor. When I created my Edward Elric, I purchased art books to get pictures, researched for tips and suggestions on how to make the red jacket and black vest on the Internet, researched boots styles on the Internet, researched how to find a leathermaster to make the belt pad, asked co-workers where I get a custom made clasp, shopped around for a wig, and shopped on eBay for the white gloves. Lots of work to make the cosplay? Absolutely.

The same applies to my Syaoran and Hitsugawa cosplays. Never rush success. Never rush a goal. Goals and accomplishments take time. The Edward Elric cosplay took lots of free time after work and on weekends which debut at Japantown Anime Faire 2004. I have been receiving positive feedback XD

Complete a goal slowly and keep the goal in focus. It’s a matter of time when the goal is accomplished :]


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