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De Anza Week Oct 5, 2009

Mon Oct 5, 2009

I went to the post office, returned rice to Smart & Final (it's not a big deal, Mom), and shopped for jeans at Kohl's in the morning and early afternoon. The last time I wore jeans was in 2005. I forgot how jeans are durable and comfortable XD I ate a quick lunch and headed to class.

I arrived in class just in time for the quiz. The questions were straightforward, and if a student either attended the Wed Sep 30 or read Chap 2, the quiz was an easy 100% score. The rest of the class the instructor finished Chap 2 and started reviewing Chap 2 homework. If I didn't read Chap 2 last Sat, I write more and messy notes, lol. Today's lecture was a good example to read ahead and do the homework. I completed half of the homework. It was all reinforcement of Chap 2 concepts for me. The instructor gave the students a one week extension for Chap 1 homework because some students had trouble logging on to the website to submit the homework.

I finish Chap 2 homework tonight.

I walked around the first floor of the Campus Center. I saw a poster on bi-polar. There was a study taking place in Palo Alto, and the study was looking for volunteers. Pics taken with my cell phone camera.

I had to eat again. Bring a banana next time.

Dance class the instructor returned after missing last week. We continued the nite club two step. We learned new moves. The instructor told us something about dance events I thought was good information. Dance is a conversation itself. There is no talking, except for small talk. Dancing most of the time there is no talking. Your attend a dance event, check in your coat or put your coat somewhere, dance with people, and leave. The exception is meeting a person or people and going with them afterwards; otherwise, most of the time you leave by yourself. The instructor has been dancing for at least 20 years including at dance events. She knows many people and doesn't know their last names at the dance events.

The instructor emphasized the man (or leader if same sex dance) must lead. The right arm must be confident, strong, firm, and knows what's going on. Eye contact with the woman (or follower if same sex dance) is a key.

Wed Oct 7, 2009

One thing lead to another. Yesterday I did errands most of the day I didn't finish Chap 2. I'm taking one class with homework and exams and I couldn't even finish it. Pathetic!

Before lunch, I worked on Chap 2 homework. I'm almost done. Then I ate lunch hoping I don't eat at the cafeteria.

The instructor reviewed Chap 2 homework and gave us the solutions. I paid no attention to the review because I finished the homework and I rather learn from my mistakes instead of the instructor giving me the answers. The rest of the class he discussed Chap 3 accrual and deferrals. The class approved delaying the first exam from Wed Oct 14 to Mon Oct 19.

I talked to two students who sat on my left. One of the student has a computer science degree laidoff from Yahoo. The second student attends San Jose State and De Anza. Both of them like me are considering accounting as a second degree or change in major. I told them my story my contract at Cisco was terminated.

Wed dance class the instructor taught us more cha cha cha. We learned the basic cha cha cha moving vertically and practice the chase, a common move my sister told me. Monday and tonight's class very few stayed afterwards to practice. It seems everyone was busy. I wrote on paper the new moves I learned immediately at home.

I want to finish Chap 3 homework before Mon Oct 12 to have one week to study for my first mid-term since I graduated San Jose State in 1997.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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