Thursday, October 01, 2009

Personal Feedback At Anime Expo 2009

I finished all the Anime Expo (AX) cosplay pics and uploaded to my webpage. I thought about my experiences at AX while editing the pics. I had my share of positive and negative experiences. I thought about my negative experiences and how I solve them for AX 2010, and use the solutions for my daily life.

Hotel. The hotel problems are easily solved. I'm not staying at the Westin because the room was small. I bring my fragile cosplay myself including my wigs if I can. The bellhop dropped my wigs.

I bring food instead of buying food in the hotel and finding a store to buy food. The restaurants prices were reasonable; however, I saved more money if I brought food. One of my friends told me of a good store close to the convention center. I use the store for emergencies.

Being Alone. The biggest worry was being alone. Day 1 was the day I was alone most of the time. I was afraid I don't find my friends. I was afraid I don't meet any new people. Both fears were a waste of my time and waste of my energy. I hung out with my friends and I met new people. There were a few times my friends called me to check up on me. I felt wanted and I appreciated the calls.

I wanted to post at least 1,000 cosplay pics. I was successful. I could have taken more pics if I just spent my time alone taking cosplay pics and not worry about being left behind from my friends and not worry about meeting new people. I made the same mistake at the 2009 San Francisco Cherry Blossoms Festival. I worried too much and I had time being alone I could have walked around taking cosplay pics; although, San Francisco was in the low 90s and I was so hot and I was tired =P

Not Being Myself. There were moments I was not myself. I forgot the friendly, easy going me. There were times I was cocky. There were times I was speaking too loud and laughing too loud. There were times I said something without thinking. I didn't want everyone to forget me. I forgot the lesson I learned at Cherry Blossoms: trust myself and don't be a stuck up. Cheer up and don't be a stuck up.

AX'09 was a good con. I had a good time. I need cosplay upgrades next year. And I correct my mistakes. Oh, and I hope the weather is cooler next time, too.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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