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De Anza Week Jan 24, 2011

Mon Jan 24

I arrived five minutes late in Intermediate Acct class. The reason was I shopped at Safeway to buy bananas for my snack between classes. I was surprised the checkout lines were long just after 12pm. All I wanted was to buy bananas. The end of the class my classmate showed me how to calculate bonuses and the instructor collected the two take-home quizzes.

I took my first mid-term in Intro to Business. The instructor said the mid-term is easy. It was easy. The mid-term was a joke. My impression was most students earn at least a B because most of them took other business, accounting, and/or economic classes. The first 5 chapters were basic accounting and economics. We reviewed some of the mid-term during the second half of the class. I missed two questions. If I just reviewed the powerpoint slides before the mid-term, then I answered one of the missed questions correctly. I studied the powerpoint slides two times.

The weather continued to be unseasonable warm. I ate outside the campus center for the first time. I believed it was the first time I ate outdoors when I stayed at De Anza for the entire day. There were plenty of open tables and I didn’t have to walk around searching for a clean table inside.

We continued learning the Nite Club Two Step in dance class. The mood was happy the instructor continued teaching us past the end time. I learned new moves.

Wed Jan 26

Today I felt crabby and gloomy like last week. The last ten days starting on Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday I wasn’t myself. There was no “Hey Jude” to cheer me up. The long line in Safeway was bad timing. I went back to Safeway to buy granola bars for my snack between classes. The long line, bad timing with the signal lights, and forgetting to make a right turn before the Flint Center parking garage to avoid the exiting traffic resulted in arriving 10 minutes late for Intermediate Acct. I was lucky I signed the attendance sheet.

The professor told the class the textbook we use is the same textbook a local private university uses. The textbook sucks. I joked with two of my classmates such that if we do better than the accounting students at the local private university, we should get scholarships and take accounting classes there. The professor continued with the chapter lecture. We’re behind in the course schedule. The concepts are not easy. I do my best and I finish before the deadline.

The average score was a 36 out of 50 for the first Intro to Business mid-term. I scored a 45 which was not too bad for studying the powerpoint slides twice and not reading the textbook. My intuition was strong. We watched another video. The video talked about entrepreneurs. The instructor shared his all-time favorite books. Two of his all-time favorites are also my all-time favorites: Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson and The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The instructor told the class he reads the books more than once to remind and remember the key concepts useful for his businesses and partnerships. The last 30 minutes we completed an entrepreneur questionnaire to see if we have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and he opened the class to questions about starting a business. My questionnaire score barely made “the transitional range. With some serious work you can probably develop the outlook you need for running your own business.”

Turnout was the smallest in dance class. We refined the West Coast Swing. Then we started to learn the Cha Cha Cha. I made a few notes on my mistakes I correct next week.

The movie for the week is On The Waterfront. Last week’s movie was A Philadelphia Story.

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