Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Accutane Day 705

Two weeks ago I purchased cheap store-brand bread. The bread was on sale and it was a way to save money. Unfortunately, I got three pimples. I stopped eating the bread. Days later, the pimples disappeared. This was another example food is a factor regarding acne. The pimples told me I was allergic to the bread.

The cold and dry weather still affects my sensitive face. I continue to apply Topicort when eczema appears on my face. I also continue to apply Atralin on my nose nightly and on my face every three-four days depending if my face can handle Atralin and no eczema for the night.

My next check up is early February. As of now, there are no significant problems to mention. There has been no dermatitis breakout. I apply Vanicream nightly.

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