Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Life Lesson I Learned Gangnam Style

You probably heard about Gangnam Style, a rap song by South Korean rapper PSY. The rap video is currently number one on YouTube's Most Viewed Videos in the music category. Gangnam is a district in Seoul, South Korean populated with trendy and affluent people. The song's theme is about girls behaving well or behaving wild at the perfect moment.

Jae-Sang Park, PSY's birth name, was born on Dec 31, 1977. He has been singing since 2000. He attended Boston University and Berklee College of Music. His Gangnam Style song won awards this year.

The life lesson I learned is PSY himself in his video. He taught me everything in a person counts: looks, appearance, confidence, strength, eye contact, social skills, knowledge, conversation skills, style, charisma, personal hygiene, physical fitness, emotional stability, etc. PSY is not the most handsome person in the world; however, he's a good looking man because of his other attributes. He can dance, he dresses with style, he performs with confidence , and he shows good charisma. I'm sure his social skills and conversation skills are great because he has a public life.

Every attribute, feature, and characteristic in a person complement each other. If a person is beautiful, that person should be responsible, show knowledge, and have a sense of adventure such as trying something new or visiting a new place. If a person is not beautiful, that person should dress well to show there is beauty and take care of the body . . . brush the teeth and bathe regularly.

The bottom line is the inside of a person brings out the outside and the outside of a person brings out the inside. Nobody wants to be with a good looking person who acts like a jerk. Nobody wants to be with a responsible person who wears t-shirts and sweat shorts. Both inside and outside must be in sync working together to show the best in the person.

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