Sunday, June 10, 2018

Instant Bullets Blog Jun 10, 2018

*Meryl Streep Movies. I went on a Meryl Streep movie marathon. I watched The Devil Wears Prada, Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie's Choice, Julie & Julia, and Out Of Africa. I watched Defending Your Life and Fantastic Mr. Fox before my movie marathon.

Rotten Tomatoes rated Out Of Africa 59%. I'm in the minority. I give Out Of Africa four stars because Streep's character moved back to her home country. I'm not being specific to avoid spoilers.

*Positive and never give up life quotes: (1) Even nothing cannot last forever --unknown source (2) Now you feel better? Then go solve problems. --unknown source

*assuage: to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease; mitigate. to soothe, calm. Word is pronounced "a-sway-age."

*A sign you're a grown-up and mature adult with life knowledge and life wisdom. Politics, news, life problems, the economy, and the yearly events are mostly the same. The every four years events include the US Presidential election, Olympics, and World Cup. The yearly events include entertainment awards, sports championships, and publically traded companies releasing fiscal financial reports. Many in a daily life are the same.

*Here are some of my deal breakers marrying my wife: dislikes vanilla, hates board games, doesn't drive on freeways, hates cooking, drinks too much coffee, drinks alcohol daily, and either being always indoors or being always outdoors. Vanilla is my favorite flavor. I play many board games. I drive on freeways. I enjoy cooking. I don't drink coffee. I drink a little alcohol in social gatherings only. I balance my life being indoors and being outdoors.

*Sir Richard Branson learned net profit from a picture. The ocean is full of fish. A net is dropped in the ocean. The fish is revenue. The fish inside the net is net profit.

*Gaming Mouse Pad. I upgraded my desktop mouse pad to a gaming mouse pad. Perhaps, non-gamers should pay extra money to upgrade PC accessories to gaming quality. I use a gaming mouse for my desktop.

*7 Things You Should Always Do After Having Sex. Click link to read the seven things. The things include peeing, cuddling, and giving feedback. I add loving conversations to the list.

*Make a Toddler's Bath Time Less Frustrating with a Laundry Basket. Click link to read the article and to view the picture a laundry basket provides safety in the bathtub.

*Granddaughter Is Blind to Signs of Fiance's Abusive Potential. Click link to read the Dear Abby Mar 9, 2018 column. Dear Abby lists signs of a potential abusive relationship. The signs include jealously, controlling, and blames other people for problems.


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