Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Work Wed Dec 17, 2014

Mon Dec 8: It's taking a long time to settle in with my co-workers. The full time workers are always busy. The same situation happened at Artisan which was understandable because of the Christmas season. Eventually I should know more about my co-workers. It took months to know all my co-workers at Artisan.

I was ashamed at myself not following the procedures I wrote in my note pad to add the RMAs in the SAP database. I skipped steps. I repeated mistakes. I wasted too much time with the assignment. I should have been more efficient. I spent too much time preparing the exporting and importing. I planned to rewrite the procedures eliminating steps and combining steps; for example, use more SQL.

The White Elephant pot luck list was created in the network folder. My name was missing. I felt sad I wasn't added on the list. I RSVP on the Outlook invite.

I stopped eating a bag of cookies a day. I'm going back to Belvita breakfast bars for my mid morning snack. I continue to eat a granola bar, too. I also stopped eating a hamburger to supplement my lunch on days I workout at the company gym.

I helped an employee enter the gym. He was issued a temporary badge because he forgot his photo badge. The gym was packed in the side room doing yoga.

Tue Dec 9: I found a new parking spot for my car. The new parking spot gives my car more shade in the afternoon.

The vice president of operations emailed the department roster. She revised three times because of mistakes in a span of 15 minutes.

I listened to KNBR at 3pm. I was dozing off. My brain was fatigued. I spent the entire day updating RMAs for a particular server. I should have taken more breaks. I should have paced myself.

I plan to take advantage more often my alternate route driving on El Camino Real going home. The traffic on the expressway was terrible. Coincidentally, driving on El Camino Real was required because I shopped at Macys.

Wed Dec 10: My engineer and I were in a meeting together. We reviewed my status. He answered my questions. He provided more training. He told me more information how the failure analysis process works. And he gave me an engineering lesson.

My brain was jelly after lunch. I lost concentration at 4:15pm. I became lazy. I felt like I was back in college studying for exams. There was nothing more I could study. I maximized my brain studying the concepts.

I worked out at the company's gym. The second workout I didn't eat a hamburger to supplement my lunch at home. I passed the test. I had plenty of energy to complete my workout. The first workout I didn't eat a hamburger was Mon Dec 8 which passed the test.

Thur Dec 11: The local news named the storm "The Storm Of The Past 5 Years". My commute was easy. More people worked from home. Some schools closed. The entire day rained.

I added my name to the White Elephant pot luck list. I bring egg rolls.

The CFO emailed the entire buildings all workers can go home early because of the storm affecting the roads and neighborhoods.

I reinforced the idea to pace myself updating entering RMAs in the database. Avoid burnout. Avoid brain fatigue.

I picked up my package in the shipping & receiving area for the first time. I walked back to my car in the rain to drop it off in the trunk. I made the choice to move my car closer to the front lobby because my current parking area started to flood. The choice was good because the rain continued in the night after my gym workout. My new parking space area didn't flood.

My stomach growled during the last 20 minutes of my workout. It appeared I didn't bring enough lunch. I managed to complete the workout. I ate the granola bar I didn't finish earlier in the day when I went back to my cubicle to take my laptop and belongings. And there were no clean towels at the end of my workout. I should leave an emergency gym towel in my trunk.

I drove home slow even though fewer cars were on the road. I took a detour driving on the freeway to the expressway because one of the exits was closed due to flooding.

Fri Dec 12: 14 minute morning commute. One red light. No traffic crawling.

I started writing the second draft on the RMA SAP data entry procedures on Word. I used the first draft written on my note pad as a guide.

Mon Dec 15: Light rained fell during my morning commute. The rain intensified as the day continued. The sewage plugged up at the front entrance. The entire workday was slow. I took my time. Too little work. Perhaps, I still completed my work too fast.

I drove to a fast food restaurant to purchase 24 egg rolls for the Operations Department White Elephant gift exchange during my lunch hour. Two other people went to the restaurant purchasing egg rolls and fried chicken wings.

Standard White Elephant rules applied. Draw a number. Pick a gift or steal a gift. Steal limit per gift was three. A common optional rule first person who picked could steal at the end was enabled. The vice president used a twist rule for which the last person could steal any gift including gifts stolen three times.

The best gag gift was a Sponge Bob Square Pants alarm clock. The stupid gifts which failed to be a gag gift included a talking parrot and a baconator. The most quantity and most stolen were Starbucks gift cards. The most thought gift was an empty fish tank, fish food, and a live fish. The giftor gave the giftee a cup with a live fish inside seconds after the worker unwrapped the gift. My gift was Smart Ass The Card Game I stole.

The gift exchange went smoothly. My behavior was satisfied analyzing my actions. I mingled with some people. I communicated seriously and sarcastically. The 60 people who participated in the gift exchange lasted 1.5 hours. Some of us went home after the exchange was over.

Tue Dec 16: App games are addicting. Last night was a typical example. I played games on my phone ending at 1am. App games are enemies on a weeknight. I used my sleep app to calculate optimum sleep setting my alarm clock to wake up maximizing my sleep cycles.

I woke up in the middle of the night experiencing my throat drying. I drank water. I went back to sleeping thinking the worse which was getting sick. I thought about the possibilities causing my potential sickness. The possibilities were lack of sleep, the sickness in the air, co-workers, food I ate at White Elephant, and going to the gym feeling so-so. Fortunately, no sore throat.

My engineer assigned my first report. It was a simple one liner. I took my time. I listened to the Gregorian Chat at

I saw workers repairing the sewage line from yesterday's sewage problem walking back to my cubicle after lunch.

The third and last Xmas work gathering involved my contractor company. All of the contractors were invited to a cupcake social at 2pm. The event was disappointing. Low turnout. The atmosphere felt like nobody wanted to attend. I wanted to attend and stay the entire hour. I arrived ten minutes late. I managed to talk with three people. I met some kind of regional manager for the contractor company. Everyone started to leave at 2:30pm. Disappointing. I should have stayed.

I felt pessimistic after leaving my contractor's company gathering. All of the contractors I talked since my first day their contracts were extended. I don't see my contract being extended in the 1.5 months I worked. My assignments are heading to mind numbing stage. I innovate the procedures using my past experiences in Excel, Access, and MySQL. I'm creating more free time. I stay busy pacing myself already with the experience to complete some assignments in half the time. I can't think of new responsibilities my engineer and risk manager assign me. My risk manager gave me one assignment. My contract status can be extended with more training and learning for which I getting none of those recently.

On the other hand, some of the people who said their contracts were extended may be exaggerating. They may have similar work environments. They may be in my shoes. They say anything to stay busy.

All departments are different. The Operations Department employs two contractors. Other departments employ a higher percentage of contractors. One of the people I met at the contractor's company gathering his department employs mostly contractors. I think the operations department is new employing contractors. Obviously I work for 6 weeks. I need more investigating. In contrast, Cisco employs thousands of contractors for which Cisco has the experience relating to contractors.

Wed Dec 17: The easiest work day. Maybe the hardest work day trying to stay busy. I worked on a second report my engineer requested. I added a pie chart. I really took my time. such that I email the report tomorrow.


Sunday, December 07, 2014

Go To Sleep

I'm speaking clearly. Go to sleep. Get rest. You feel much better after a restful sleep. Sleep is a body recovering your mind, body, soul, head to toes, inside you, and outside you. Forget the coffee. Forget the caffeine. Forget the energy drinks. Forget drugs. Wake up with your body naturally.

I have a better understanding sleep is important. I was tired one work day last week. I devoted more hours sleeping in the evening. The next work day I was a different person. Focused, attentive, and full of energy.

Some people ignore the importance of getting restful sleep. Long working hours. Too many commitments. The National Sleep Foundation reported 42% of Americans sleep less than the recommended hours. The negative consequences include weak social interactions, financial losses, and a dysfunctional human body.

The good night restful sleep long term benefits are common sense. Live longer, look younger, sharper brain, positive attitude, and physically stronger. I'm not a social expert. Everyone must spend less time simulated from smart phones, computers, televisions, and social media. The best therapy to some problems such as stress, depression, and fatigue is sleep. Sleep is a zero cost therapy.

Side note: Sleeping follows a pattern between deep sleep and rapid eye movement or REM. Use a sleep calculator to assist the best times to fall asleep. It's better to get quality sleep than quantity sleep if you can't sleep more than 6.5 hours a night. There are free sleep calculator apps.


Saturday, December 06, 2014

Work Fri Dec 5, 2014

Mon Dec 1: It seemed some commuters were late to work after the Thanksgiving weekend. A car blocked my driver side mirror when I slowly moved forward continuously in the merging late of the expressway. I don't have a free entry path.

I felt tired during my first hours. The reason was my attitude. I wanted the weekend now. I needed more rest. I wanted to sleep. I didn't get the necessary rest during the holiday. The additional rest never happened. Some of the circumstances were beyond my control. Regardless, I must be professional. I started working on an assignment I started on my second week. My engineer told me to complete it.

I wore a single pair of socks with my dress casual shoes. I had been wearing two pairs of socks because my socks were thin. My feet felt more relaxed.

There were lots of cars in the parking lot when I walked back to my car. It seemed many full time employees arrived to work late.

Tue Dec 2: The rain arrived in the morning. It was the second day it rained during my commute. I used my umbrella from my car to my building. I dried my umbrella in my cubicle.

My engineer was sick. He worked from home. I continued the assignment I started yesterday.

I went out to lunch with a component engineer. We ate at a Chinese restaurant. Some of the conversations included our past careers, family, Thanksgiving, and the company.

I picked up a package at the front end. I purchased an item at Amazon a week before Black Friday. I used my company's mailing address to ship my package instead of my home address. I showed my badge to the front end staff. The staffer found my package from the stack. I walked to my car to drop off my package in my trunk.

Wed Dec 3: My engineer was sick again. He worked from home.

I took a 30 minute lunch because I arrived to work at 8:30am. The week had been little productivity. However, the time went by fast. I completed 50% of the assignment I started Mon.

There was a Happy Hour Decorate The Floor Christmas party for the Operations Department. There were snacks, crackers, cookies, and wine. I wanted to mingle with people to get to know everyone better. It never happened. I felt lost. I felt nobody wanted to get to know me. I felt intimidated. Thank goodness there was a making your own Christmas stocking in a meeting room. I made a stocking using paint to draw my name and draw a snowman.

I participated in past Christmas parties in a workplace. I expected my company to be different where everyone socialized. It never happened. The outcome was the same in past parties. Some people participated. Some people partially participated. Some people didn't care. The most active people were the ones near the senior manager and vice president's offices. It was the wine doing all the talking.

The floor was warm. I sweated throughout the afternoon including the party. I took off my long sleeve shirt.

Thur Dec 4: My engineer was sick again.

I checked the thermostat when I arrived at work because of yesterday's warm air. I lowered the thermostat from 72 degrees to 70 degrees.

I asked the component engineer questions on the supply database. He gave me tips reading some of codes. Very useful information.

I went to the company gym after work.

Fri Dec 5: My engineer worked from home continuing his recovery.

I donated $10 to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The company collected donations from all the workers.

I completed my assignment I started Mon. I had free time 45 minutes before the end of my work day. I checked my personal emails.

A company email was sent to the full time workers. The email told them to leave work before 4pm because there was a major sporting event nearby. Security monitored the parking lots. One of the exits was closed. I was informed of the company email from a full time co-worker.

I went to the company gym after work. I small talked with a worker who went to the lab to continue working in the elevator going down. He said working late Fri is better than waiting in line for bread.


Monday, December 01, 2014

Black Friday 2014

My Black Friday was calm. I shopped at three stores after 10:30am. No crowds. The first store was Orchard Supply Hardware. I purchased a three LED flashlight set with the Orchard Supply Hardware label for $9.99. Orchard paid for the sales tax. The second store was CVS. I used the 30% off coupon to purchase bare necessities. They were body wash, after shave lotion, body sponge, and Icy Hot for the home first aid kit. The third store was Target. I purchased The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for $9.00 and Gravity for $4.00 both on Blu-Ray. There was a line at Target which moved fast. The line was not long relatively speaking. I noticed there were directional line markings on the floor. The line wrapped around multiple aisles earlier.

My dad purchased a Chromecast for me at Costco. Almost all stores sold the Chromecast for $25.00. I paid him back.

No online shopping for me. If I didn't buy The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at Target, then I shop for movies at Amazon. I don't plan on shopping on Cyber Monday.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Work Wed Nov 26, 2014

Mon Nov 17: I purchased a cheap mouse pad at Fry's Electronics. The $2.00 mouse pad works well.

I took the service elevator to exit my building. There is a fourth elevator that takes people directly to shipping & receiving for which people can enter and exit the building.

I continue to adjust to an 8am-5pm work day. The adjustment is difficult. I want a routine workday which includes working out at the gym, continuing self job training, learning new job skills, reviewing MySQL, reviewing Access, and learning data analysis. Python is a low priority. I went to my gym last Sat and Sun. I was rusty. I felt stiff.

Tue Nov 18: I forgot to turn on my alarm clock last night. I woke up at 6:14am. I arrived at 8:10am. If I didn't brush my teeth, I arrived much earlier. There were more cars on the expressway today compared to yesterday.

I ate Kung Pao Chicken to supplement my lunch because I need extra energy for the gym workout. The grill was broken. No hamburger.

I finished my assignment from the risk manager. I started the assignment on Mon. I overheard her saying I may not have enough work after my initial contract term in a phone conversation. We shall see what happens. Live the present. Live the moment.

Today was the first time I worked out at the company gym. It's decent with a mix of machine weights, cardio equipment, free weights, yoga equipment, and classes. The men's locker room is across the hall. The locker room reminds me of the Marriott hotel in Downtown San Jose.

Wed Nov 19: I arrived at 8:15am. I planned a 45 minute lunch to compensate arriving 15 minutes late.

My next assignment was from my engineer. More RMAs to enter into the database.

I found the stairway from my floor to the gym on my way to the cafeteria for lunch. It rained in the afternoon. My first work day raining. I walked the breezeway back to my cubicle after lunch. The breezeway is covered.

My risk manager checked my worked after lunch. We discussed my errors.

I took the stars next to the service elevator to exit my building. It took me to another employee entrance.

Thur Nov 20: I listened to KFOX 98.5 from 9am-12pm. The station plays commercial free classic rock between 9am-12pm. I needed the music because I was falling asleep. My floor was stuffy. I turned on my fan. My two plants need water at least two times a week.

There was a G&A meeting at 2:30pm in the cafeteria. I don't know what G&A stands for. The head departments and executives spoke to the audience. The meeting started by getting an idea how many years people worked in the company. A small handful worked in the company over three years.

My impression of the work environment in the three weeks I worked was get the job done. Nobody slacks off.

The entire day was slow. My engineer was in meetings all day. The free time he spent was giving me additional training including using our Arena database. I spent a few minutes donating money to a local charity for their Thanksgiving charity drive.

Fri Nov 21: I drove 15 minutes from home to work.

The entire floor was quiet in the late morning and early afternoon. The full time employees went to a charity event. The contractors stayed behind. Another contractor introduced herself. She works three weeks at the end of each fiscal quarter; however, she has been working many days in Nov. Moments later, she, the contractor who trained me on my first day, and I conversed.

I ate my own granola bar in my lunch bag. The coffee room was out of granola bars.

The grill was repaired. I ordered a burger to supplement my lunch. I needed the energy because I went to the company gym after work.

Mon Nov 24: I drove 12 minutes from home to work. The morning work music was from my smart phone. I listened to Hey Jude from The Beatles at least ten times.

I finished two assignments from my engineer I started last week. The next assignment was finishing the project I was assigned on my second week. The floor was quiet and busy because everyone wanted to get their assignments done before the Thanksgiving holiday. I was getting better entering the RMAs into the database with more experience, more knowledge, and more training.

My neck was in pain. It must be a muscle strain.

I saw my first stalled car going home.

Tue Nov 25: I purchased a bottle of Advil at Walgreens before work. My neck started to feel better after I took two tablets.

I saw my first accident on my way home. There were a few cars driving recklessly.

Wed Nov 26: My plans working out at the gym fell through. I'm still adjusting to the 8am-5pm work schedule. I'm not getting enough sleep. My neck still hurts. I continued to take Advil.

I attended my first monthly birthday celebration. We celebrated the people with Nov birthdays. There were cupcakes. I was put on the spot when the operations manager wanted me to introduce myself. I was prepared ahead of time for my personal fun fact because the personal fun fact is a common question for all new hires. I mentioned my fun fact is my above average long term memory.

A supply engineer told me background information about the division including the executives and the senior managers. He wanted to have lunch with me at a future time.

I went home at 6pm. I checked my personal email at 5:30pm. I wrote Happy Thanksgiving on my cubicle whiteboard.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Breaking Bad Series

I finished watching the entire series of Breaking Bad on Sun Nov 23. Excellent series. Highly recommended. My simple words describe the hit drama television show: scary, violent, genius, unpredictable, cliff-hanging, twists, dark, depressing, anger, smart, risk-taking, original. There are a few comedy moments.

My only criticism is Creator and Executive Producer Vince Gilligan could have added more episodes. These episodes are back stories of the side characters. For example, how Saul's entered into the "criminal" lawyer business. Mike's days as a police officer and why he took care of his granddaughter. How Hank and Marie met. More screen time to know Walt and Gretchen's past relationship. I believe the audience gains a greater appreciation knowing more about the side characters and more on Walt's past.

My favorite episode is in Season One when Walt entered Tuco's hideout with the "clear white" crystals. Season Four is my favorite season, especially the final scene in the senior citizen home. I don't have a favorite character. I debated myself who was my favorite side character after Season Three. Saul or Gus? All the actors, actresses, and the production staff did an excellent job.

The series is about a high school chemistry teacher who found out he has terminal cancer. He chooses to produce meth to raise money for his family before he dies. The series is also about the meth world. What is life in the meth world? Violence, corruption, addiction, greed. The series depicts how drugs affect people including sellers, users, law enforcement, and support groups.

To repeat, I highly recommend the series. Watch the first 3 episodes in Season One. If you feel comfortable after episode three, watch the entire Season One. If you feel comfortable after Season One, watch the entire series. The series gets better, gets darker, and gets more violent. The characters come to you. You may want to watch on a weekend because the series can be addicting you may end up watching some episodes through the late night or early morning. I watched eight episodes of Season Four and 6 episodes of Season Five in two separate late nights and early mornings.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Instant Bullets Blog Nov 23, 2014

The Successful Magnet. The more successful a person, the more successes come to him or her. Success is a magnet. Success attracts bigger financial gains, more opportunities, increase in people contacts from casual to professional, and more good luck. Think about the most successful people in the world. They attract people. They attract opportunities. They earn higher incomes. The magnet is stronger for people who earn their growing successes.

A Thought On Job Searching Full Time. The spouse, the children, the in-laws, and the family are happy you're home more hours each weekday. In other words, you're not out of the house at your job. You have more free time. You spend more family time. However, it can be bad because you spend less time job searching. Job searching is a full time job. Finding a full time job is a full time job. The job market is rough. Add job training and learning new job skills to your full time job schedule.

Another note: Rejection is part of searching for a job.

My History Book. There are too many blank pages in my history book. I need to create more chapters. How? Live a better life. Find new adventures. Experience new experiences. Meet new people. Make new friends. Specifically, find a full time job, move out, expand my circle of friends, get physically fit, and never stop innovating. Visit a country in Europe. Eat new foods. Learn new job skills. Play more board games. Read more books. Get stronger. Get smarter. Believe more in myself.

Germany Won the 2014 World Cup. Germany defeated Argentina in the 2014 World Cup. Argentina's defense was strong. The score was 0-0 at the end of regulation. Germany scored in extra time. Germany played with patience. Germany needed one opportunity to score. One goal was good enough.

Be patient. Opportunities come to those working hard. One opportunity can be enough to open doors to success.

Add The Right Way. Add the word "right" to our daily life. A person can rethink how to live the "right" way. Examples include the following:

*the right practice
*the right gift
*the right friends
*the right job
*the right classes
*the right car
*the right food
*the right exercises
*the right *fill in the blank*

Personally speaking, I substitute "right" with "perfect". For example, perfect practice, perfect gift, perfect friends, etc. The common speaking is the "right" way.

Take care. Make an effort. Work the right way. Live the right way.