Monday, December 11, 2017

You're Not Perfect, You Have Flaws

The title is obvious. Nobody is perfect. Every human being has weaknesses. Every human being has flaws. Think critically. Think honestly. There are weaknesses physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Some of us are prone to sickness. Some of us have learning problems. Some of us have multiple personalities. Some of us live without inner peace. Some of us have buy goods too much.

I share some of my weaknesses. I have a weak short-term memory; I must write information on paper. I can't tread water. My body tolerance is weak on hot environments. I'm partially tone-deaf. I have weak gums. I read slowly. My home improvement craftsmanship is bad I make problems worse.

On the other hand, every human being has strengths. I have an above average long-term memory for which I recall moments to the month and year. My body tolerance is strong on cold environments. I'm in my best health which includes working out at the gym four days a week. I have strong teeth. I'm a clean person who keeps my residence organized; in other words, I minimize junk. My public speaking is courageous. My stress tolerance is solid. I got loss driving twice.

Long Term Relationships

Finding a loving human being is hard. It must be hard because the person you choose to spend the rest of your life must be the person with chemistry, compatibility, communication, and common interests. I can't write how to find a lasting relationship anymore clearer.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Go Outside

Health research states the sun gives a person vitamin D. There is another important reason to go outside. The weather is unimportant. The weather can be hot, cold, sunny, rainy, or snowy. Obviously if the weather is unsafe such as hurricanes, then stay indoors. Going outside is a breath of fresh air. The body breathes air outdoors. The body moves beyond the walls. The eyes take a break from seeing the usual indoors. The eyes see the outside. There is a feeling of freedom. The simple outdoors activities such as running errands, walking around the neighborhood, eating out, and visiting friends are valid. Day trips, hiking, concerts, and festivals are also valid. Weekend vacations, week off vacations, and long trips are great. Find time to just go outside regularly. Going to work to go outside only is excluded. Go outside for leisure. Go outside to take a break.


Sunday, December 03, 2017

Black Friday 2017

My Black Friday 2017 shopping was practical. Most of the items I purchased were bare necessities. One item was a wanted item. The shopping day was good timing and was bad luck.

I shopped at Rite-Aid buying four 2-liters of Coke for $.98 at 7:12am. The As Seen On TV flashlights were a no-go. The next store was Pep Boys buying two sets of Castrol motor oil and Purolator oil filter with mail-in rebate at 7:36am.

The next two stores were department stores. I purchased Isotoner slippers, Earth Therapeutics bath sponges, and an Earth Therapeutics foot care gift set which included cream, pumice stone, and massager at Kohl's at 8:25am. I waited 15 minutes in line. I purchased two packs of Nike socks at Macy's at 9:21am. The parking lot at the shopping mall was like a normal weekend shopping day. There were plenty of parking spaces. Crowds were normal, too. Unfortunately, Macy's point of sale systems were partially down. I couldn't use my gift card. I tried to cash out my gift card at Customer Service. The systems continued to be down. I was frustrated.

I shopped online at I found out merged with Walgreens. There was a buy two, get one free Vanicream soap sale. I purchased 18 bars of soap at 12:07pm. I saved 33%. Next, I shopped online for new desktop speakers which were my wanted item. My old desktop speakers broke. I choose the Logitech Z313 2.1 speakers. Amazon sold the speakers for $25. I shopped at Fry's for which Fry's price matched Amazon's price from $50 to $25 at the cash register. Shopping at Fry's was the first time I shopped a Black Friday in the afternoon. I lined up at 2pm. I checked out at 3:30pm. The Fry's experience convinced me the best time to shop at stores with short lines is between 7am-10am.

Finally, the Macy's point of sale system gave me worries about my Target gift card becoming invalid. I purchased New Skin and Orajel mouth sore gel for the family first-aid kit at 3:54pm.

Black Fridays achieved the status quo years ago in my opinion. I shop on Black Fridays to purchase bare necessities which includes stocking up on bare necessities, to buy new durable goods, to upgrade existing durable goods, and to buy DVDs on my wish list. Black Fridays are good shopping days for appliances, clothes, new TVs, desktop parts, and towels. If I can wait for the Black Friday, then I wait.


Saturday, December 02, 2017

The World Is Too Many And Too Few

I question some common wisdom today pessimistically speaking. Never give up. Achieve your dreams. Nothing is impossible. Continue moving forward. Accept failure because you learn from failure; the end is success. There are opportunities to find. Work hard to achieve your goals. You can do anything by putting your mind to it. Be patient. There is hope. Believe in yourself. Keep the dream alive. The harder you work, the luckier you get. You are going to be successful staying focus.

Good advice from the common wisdom above. What if I say all the common wisdom above are losing strength today? Am I pessimistic? Yes. Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. Does my opinion have merit? Yes. Explain. There are too many people in the world. There are too few opportunities. Competition is fierce. Fierce may be an understatement. Competition is barbaric. Barbaric may be an overstatement today. Barbaric may be the truth tomorrow. There are too few chances for people working to be successful. There are too few breaks in life.

We can work hard intelligently to be the best people. Unfortunately, timing and luck are nothing with little opportunities. The rewards pay nothing with too many people competing for too few openings. There are too few winners for many deserving people. There are too many losers for many good people. Life is unfair. It's reality. How can Mother Earth sustain geometric population growth historically speaking decades later? Are humans going to be barbaric to survive?

Side note: I wrote a similar blog titled The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same. I wrote too many people are greedy. There's not enough pie for everyone. The not enough pie applies to greedy people or not greedy people referencing my blog above.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Blog: How Do They Do It? How Do They Do It?

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled How Do They Do It? How Do They Do It? in Jun 2009. I asked the question how some people attract other people to be with them. These people immediately blend in with strangers and become the main attraction instantly. Actor George Clooney is a good example of a person. These people have charisma, intelligence, good smile, dress well, strength, courage, and confidence. These people are beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside. I answered my question.

One observation I see daily is how some people blend easily in a crowd. The crowd is a bunch of friends, a bunch of strangers meeting for the first time, or a bunch of people in a party . . . any group of people. How do they do it? How do they blend in and bring energy and enthusiasm in a group of people? Charisma? Good vibes? Good looks? Positive energy? Tone of voice? Correct attitude? Funny? Luck?

I had a friend. High school educated, worked in retail, little overweight, 6ft tall, talked slowly, slow learner, and ten times more geek than me. In Anime Expo'99, he successfully got a press badge and watched the main events show from the side of the stage. Everytime we were together and with people, he attracted a crowd and he was an instant star. How did he do it? I have no idea.

I must be doing something wrong. Is it my voice? My voice is my voice. My looks? My braces are removed in June. My accutane treatment is half way completed. Wear makeup? Um, I think about makeup. Am I sending negative vibes? Do I act nervous? Insecure? Angry? I don't know. I'm wearing new clothing. I donated my at least 10 year old clothing. Obviously I buy new pants when I need to. I'm doing something to change and to improve my appearance. Do I need to improve my conversation skills? I say yes, I always improve my conversation skills, do anything to be more charming.

Am I portraying myself as too good a person? I'm too good? I'm too perfect? I'm not good. I'm not perfect. I have flaws. Maybe I do a good job hiding them and I don't realize it. Do I act and behave as a quiet person? Bad luck and bad timing I'm with a group of people and there is no connection between me and them? Do I scare people? I admit I laugh too much. I'm working on that bad habit. Do some people look at me as a nerd, a geek, and all of a sudden, they ignore me? I have bad luck I haven't met people like me to expand my long term circle of friends, my long-term friendships.

I want to be a person who attracts people. I don't want to be a person who chases people. I have many ways to communicate including texting, AIM, Yahoo IM, and Facebook to keep in touch. I want to meet new people. I want to portray myself as a fun and good person, and create long term friendships. Age, race, creed, education. Doesn't matter. I have a desire to meet new people. I want to be a "there he is person." I avoid the jerks, bitches, and people full of drama.

In Fanime 2009, I hung out with a few friends who introduced me to more friends. Some of them do it. They attract people. They're funny. They're the source of energy, source of fun, and source of enthusiasm. How do they do it? I'm still trying to figure it out. Confidence? Opening up? I had a few highlights being with them. What I did was followed how they were having fun. They were my models, my examples how to behave and to act. Oh, I did wear makeup when I wore my costumes. OMG, what a difference!!! People were coming up to me. I don't recall a past anime convention where so many people came up to me to talk, to joke, and to take a picture of me.

The lessons I learned regarding how people attract, retain, and earn friendships and being a friendly good guy are having the attitude of being cheerful, not being a stuck up. Have courage to speak up and everyone makes mistakes and say stupid jokes. Make sure what you say is appropriate; in other words, be tactful when meeting new people. Yes, I have lots more to learn.

Side note: I review my top five rules for daily living:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . look at the cute face when talking.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Research Reading Sunday Ads

The Sunday newspaper is one activity I look forward. I like to read the Sunday advertisements. I pay attention to the sale prices for retail items such as body wash, bottle water, clothes, and spices. I believe in shopping around waiting for sale prices on goods. Add up the small savings equals big savings in a calendar year. I'm fortunate with good timing most of my items I buy at stores are on sale. Also, I gage the cost of living in my county.

Another reason I read Sunday advertisements is new products available. My eyes experienced dryness recently. I knew Visine eye drops wasn't my solution. I found Refresh Tear eye drops researching online which relieved my dry eyes. It was the first time I discovered eye drops other than curing redness. I notice Refresh Tear eye drops in Sunday advertisements.

Sometimes new products have been in the market for years I notice for the first time; for example, first aid supplies, new foods, and over-the-counter drugs available without a prescription. I discover technology consumers can purchase such as new TVs, new phones, and new computer hardware. Sunday advertisements are an old-school consumer information source; likewise for Wednesday advertisements.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Personal Circle Of Trust

If you can trust yourself, then good moments are coming soon. Everything I'm doing today results in a happy future. The late Steve Jobs said it best, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

I'm trusting myself. I'm not believing in myself. Trust and believe are two separate thoughts. I'm my own personal mentor; although, I'm open to making new mentors. There are setbacks, frustrations, and depressing moments. I trust myself I overcome these three moments. I trust myself life goes my way. I share what I'm doing below for an independent life. I may be right. I may be wrong. I don't know my future. Time is the ultimate judge.

*Intuition. Trust my gut feeling. I must trust my intuition to save me from problems. I don't think when I make jokes. Jobs said, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Jobs also said, "I began to realize that an intuitive understanding and consciousness was more significant than abstract thinking and intellectual logical analysis . . . intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That's had a big impact on my work."

*New Circle Of Friends. I attract new people. I attract new friends. New people are coming to my life as long as I'm a good guy getting stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser. One of the people I meet is a woman I'm going to marry.

*Learning New Job Skills. Finding A Job. I have been learning new skills such as Python, dashboards, and JavaScript. I have been reviewing existing skills such as SQL, Excel, and SalesForce. Repetition, review, repeat, relearn. I'm not quitting finding a new job. I'm doing the best I can. I have nothing to lose.

*Control, Consistency, Choices, and Proactive. I trust myself today and tomorrow I control more of my life, live a good life consistently, make good choices, and be proactive every day.

*Stay Active. I trust my hobbies and activities keep me moving. I'm physically active working out at the gym four or five days a week. I hike at trails. I'm intellectually active reading books, playing board games, learning new concepts, and learning new job skills mentioned above. I'm emotionally stable controlling stress. I act calmly. I speak calmly. I practice my spiritually sleeping eight hours a night. And I'm financially worry-free. I'm looking forward to a new career to strengthen my finances. My life is not hording. I do almost nothing because I don't have the money in the meantime.

*My wisdom grows learning from my mistakes. I avoid repeating my mistakes. I seek new adventures exposing myself to new opportunities to grow. I experience new experiences to expand my life.

*Finally, stay hungry, stay foolish.