Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same

I believe more people want a piece of the pie. Life's pie. The size of the pie has been the same for eternity. There are more people living in the world. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. There's not enough pie for everyone.

Some people want more share of the pie. They never stop no matter what. They want to keep going owning more pie. Enough is not enough. They desire more power, wealth, and fame. Some of these people cross the line from good morals to bad morals. Questionable actions. Questionable sacrifices. Unethical. No discretion.

Everyone wants this. Everyone wants that. The world is complex how can planet Earth sustain population increase? People want their space. Planet Earth has a finite amount of space. Neighborhoods recognize the need for more housing, yet the neighborhoods want new housing built somewhere else.

I digress. The bottom line: There is too much greed.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Instant Bullets Blog Jun 14, 2016

*Wedding, baby shower, and birthday gifts. Assign a person in charge of gift collecting. The person adds more tape to the card attached to the gift. The tape can be scotch, duct, or blue painting. The additional tape lowers the chances the card and the gift are separated.

*A person's inside and outside are equally important. I believe a person's inside more important than the outside is false. A beautiful person dress well and looking healthy outside may be a jerk or a bitch on the inside. A kind person on the inside may be lazy dressing himself or herself and rarely showers reeking body odor on the outside. A good person takes cares of his or her both inside and outside.

*Low income families. There are low income families living a mile away from my house. I'm sad I see families walking from a fast food restaurant buying cheap meals; for example, a $5 large pizza at Little Caesars for dinner. Bad nutrition habits inhibit children development including mental and physical.

*Maybe schools are teaching a life lesson outside the classroom. Think about a typical school day. How many hours are devoted to recess and lunch? I remember my 4th and 5th grade was two 10 minute recesses and 45 minute lunch totaling one hour and five minutes. My junior high was a 20 minute break and 60 minute lunch totaling one hour and 20 minutes. How many hours are devoted to class sessions? The answer is much more hours than recess and lunch. It's life. More time is devoted to work than to recess, break, and lunch or fun and play.

*"I will" is more important than "I know." I used to believe knowing is more important than willing. A common saying is "knowledge is power." Another common saying is "the more you know, the better you are." I realize when I started learning Python for the second time willing is more important than knowing. I have a will to learn Python. I'm motivated to learn Python. I hope learning Python helps me find my next job. Furthermore, learning Python branches out to learn HTML5, learn web design, and redesign my webpage Innovate Infinitely.

The bottom line is willpower or motivation is more important than knowledge.

*Many people in my dreams have been people in my present and past life. Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. I wonder if people who know me or knew me I appear in their dreams?

*It's ironic to have the best fun, relaxation, and vacation trips work must be done. Effort is required. Planning is required. Laziness results in poor fun experience.

*"Anime was a mistake." I just found out acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki was quoted saying that. His quote is true. Most of today's anime is garbage. Weak plots. Weak character development. Most anime series today is pretty girls appealing to male anime fans with no reality of normal life. Sources: Rocket News, Anime News Network, Escapist Magazine.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Top Ten I Was Correct When I Was Young

Think back to your childhood. There were moments you felt smart. You were a champion. You felt great. Confidence became strong. An adult told you otherwise. You felt dumb. You were a loser. You felt bad. Confidence became weak. And there was a loss of self-esteem.

The adult who told you otherwise was the person dumb, a loser, and making you feel bad to make himself or herself feel good. The adult was the person with weak confidence. The adult was the person with poor self-esteem. You were actually correct.

I was told I was wrong because nobody reinforced my good moments, nobody encouraged me to continue my good successes, and/or people were jealous of my accomplishments. Or it could have been me. I quit reinforcing my good moments to do better. I took my good successes for granted. I was a people pleaser stopping when I was told to stop to make other people happy. All of the above are correct.

I define my young age between 1-17 years old. I never hoarded toys, video games, stuffed animals, baseball cards, and board games. My room was too small for a large amount of possessions. I didn't want to spend my entire allowance on toys. I believed in saving money for emergencies. I wasn't happy owning the entire collection of GI Joe action figures. I was correct thinking back. No hoarding is number seven. Saving money is number one. Here are the top ten I was correct when I was young:

10. Be gritty. Practice, practice, learn from my mistakes, improve, progress, practice, practice, practice, . . . . I earned perfect scores for my first six spelling tests in 3rd grade; thereafter, no perfect scores for the rest of the school year. My physical fitness was my best in my freshmen year which included morning exercises listening to U2's The Joshua Tree album. My French I was excellent I spent extra time learning beginning French words using flash cards. My physical fitness went down in my sophomore year. I struggled with French II in my sophomore year.

What happened? I wasn't gritty. I stopped when I was going up. I lost focus. I took those successes for granted. Sometimes studying spelling in 3rd grade, exercising in the morning, and memorizing flash cards were fun. Sometimes they were not fun. I wanted everything to be fun. Lesson learned. Sometimes our activities aren't fun. We complete them regardless. I wished somebody taught me grit. And I self-discovered grit nobody reinforced.

9. The year and month I was born. I thought throughout my high school years when I was born determined my success. The high school graduation requirements changed when I started my freshmen year. There were significant budget cutbacks two high schools closed. I graduated my senior year in another high school. Bad timing. If I was born one year earlier, then I experienced none of these bad events. Also, my graduating year class sucked. The students who graduated one year before me were better people.

The book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell confirmed I was correct. When a person is born can determine his or her success.

8. Daydream. I was told daydreaming and talking to myself in private meant I was crazy, stupid, and weird. Wrong! Daydreaming and talking to myself in private prevented me becoming crazy, stupid, and weird.

7. No hoarding. I was never a person who needed to compete with my friends. I didn't need the entire collection of Transformers or the rare rookie baseball card. We live in a society of possessions and consumption today. I'm happy my no hoarding youth carries to my adulthood.

6. Patience. I lived a false sense of getting everything done quickly. It worked in my 20s and early 30s. Somehow my quick life was successful quickly. I didn't have to be patient. I started on something. I completed it quickly. The patience is back today. I'm learning new job skills I hope opens doors to new job opportunities. Learn something new one at a time. I believe the world lost its patience today.

5. Priorities. It's important to find time for leisure. It's important to find time to relax. Successful people work on the most important tasks first. Successful people prioritize on the more important activities first. I was taught to take it easy, have fun, and relax. Avoid stress. Avoid the hard work.

I was taught incorrectly. I should have modeled the successful people's prioritizing habits. Sometimes priorities are fun and sometimes priorities are not fun. We must complete the priorities first before relaxing.

4. Exercise. I ran one mile a week in third grade which gave me fast running speed in my childhood. I exercised in the morning in ninth grade. I continue my exercises in my adulthood. I'm not fast today compared to my teenage years. I'm the most healthiest I have ever been in my life; for instance, since 2014, I have been sick once and I experience one 24 hour sickness. Furthermore, I minimize snacks and eating out at restaurants. Exercising is not an excuse to eat unhealthy in moderation; in other words, exercising and eating unhealthy don't cancel. Exercise and eating healthy must be combined.

3. Be a good person. I was told don't help people. Avoid talking to strangers. Don't get stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser. Just be nice. Just be quiet. Stay away from the crowds. Adventures were weak. New experiences were few. My childhood life was boring.

I'm a good person today. I'm available to help people. I want to create new circle of friends. I'm getting stronger, smarter, kind, and wiser. I'm not a nice guy. I'm a good guy. I like conversations. I want to be with people. I'm catching up what I missed in my young years. I'm experiencing new experiences. I'm seeking new adventures. I want an active adulthood.

2. Clean and organize. I self-taught myself how to vacuum, mop floors, clean toilets, and organize. My parents rarely cleaned the house. People live in a healthy residence life clean and organize. No clutter. No junk. Work is required. Effort must be made. Fun or no fun.

1. Money. I was told to save money, control spending, and shop for sales. All three are true today.


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I'm Excited Every Daytime

I'm job searching looking for full time employment. I job search two times per day five days a week. I stopped job searching on Sun's because it saved a little time job searching Mon afternoons. No more job searching six days a week.

Job searching is a full time job. I job train when I'm not job searching. I have been job training since I became unemployed. Job training includes reviewing my existing job skills and learning new job skills. Job training keeps my confidence high I'm ready to begin working on day one. I reviewed Excel, Access, and SQL twice. I reviewed PowerPoint, Salesforce (SFDC), and basic statistics. I learned Oracle, Tableau, Agile, dashboards, forecasting, and VBA. I lost my excitement job training because there was nothing more to learn related to my profession. I could review PowerPoint, SFDC, and Oracle again. I believed the second review was a waste of time. It was like studying for an exam. I studied the material. I understand the material. There was no point over-studying. The job knowledge comes back to me when I start working. The best time to review is when I actually start doing it again.

I'm excited again because I'm learning Python for the second time. I learned Python for the first time in Sep 2014. I'm also learning Linux and how to build a webpage. I 'm running Ubuntu for Linux and Python. I'm using Sublime Text to write Python code and HTML code. I learn Python and Linux Mon to Fri. I learn building webpages on Sat. Sun is my day off. I have a webpage Innovate Infinitely I recently revised. I admit the old Innovate Infinitely webpage was crap. I'm looking forward to improve Innovate Infinitely learning HTML5 and CSS. I hope all of the job training from reviewing Excel to learning Python helps me get my next job. I'm excited!


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Holidays Were Extended Fun Days When I Was A Child

I remember being happy when my schools closed to celebrate a holiday when I was a child. I never figured out why some schools opened on some holidays. I understood schools closed for teacher staff days and for some famous person's birthday.

Halloween was wearing a costume and getting candy. Thanksgiving Day was pilgrims and Indians giving thanks. Christmas Day was getting gifts. St. Valentine's Day was giving everyone valentines. Easter was one week of spring vacation. Memorial Day was the last holiday before June and summer vacation. Fourth Of July was my summer school holiday I attended four times. Nobody told me the true reasons for most holidays. I never expressed interest to research the true reasons. Holiday school closings were having too much fun. Was I a bad child?

I admit I feel more or less the same as an adult. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. St. Valentine's Day honors St. Valentine. There's no definitive information how love and romance is celebrated on St. Valentine's Day. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Memorial Day is dedicated to military people who died. I learned in junior high school Fourth Of July is the celebration of Independence Day when the United States of America proclaimed the Declaration Of Independence in 1776.

Am I a bad adult today taking holidays for granted similarly being a bad child having too much fun? I celebrate most holidays as another Sat or Sun resting from the daily life. Some adults think the true meaning of holidays as trivial focusing attention to having fun.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Throwback Blog: Respect The Minimum Wage Workers

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled Respect The Minimum Wage Workers in Feb 2006. The blog is true today. Some people struggle financially in 2006. More people struggle financially today. Everyone is human. Let's treat everyone with dignity no matter the occupation. We're doing our best.

Yes. Respect them. These people are the fast food workers, grocery clerks, waiters and waitresses, busboys, bell hops, customer service representatives, and anyone else working minimal wage. What do these minimum wage workers, blue collar workers, and white collar workers have in common? We are human. Yes, the answer is close. The correct answer is dignity.

Everyone must work to make a living. They include doctors, lawyers, brokers, police officers, maids, grocery clerks, computer analyst, wedding planner, etc. Some of us like our jobs and some of us hate our jobs. No matter the job occupation, we are humans with dignity trying to make a living. We have homes and apartments, likes and dislikes, and other interests outside work. Many of us have families to take care, and many families struggle paycheck to paycheck. The only difference is some of us earn more money. That’s it. There is no other difference. Again, minimum wage workers are humans with dignity just like you and me.

White collar families, the next time you take your kids to McDonalds or Burger King, make sure you smile and say thank you. Don’t give the fast food workers hell. While you take your kids to the all-you-can-drink soda fountain, the disgruntled worker that heard your useless yelling and criticizing is going to spit at your combo meal :-P

For people who need to call customer service, try to solve the problem yourself. Take extra time and use the brain we have to think about the problem and think about the solution. A little extra time doing it yourself goes a long way instead of waiting a long time for the next available customer service representative who may be in a bad mood from the last caller :-( If you solve it, you save yourself and the customer service representative time and possible grief ^_^

Don’t treat or think of minimum wage workers differently that other service workers. Many people are struggling in today’s tough times. It’s anyone guess what’s going to happen.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

I’m Caught Up

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m caught up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

I’m still getting used to my new Samsung Galaxy S7. I admit difficult taking pics with one hand. My phone is enclosed in a protective case. These ten pics are informative in wages, consumer intelligence, Linux commands, and Steph Curry is an MVP basketball player. I’m happy my gym is getting new equipment. I’m sad a ma and pa retail store is closing. And take a look at a collector’s Japanese MahJong set.