Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Accept The Daily Adult Living

I lived a sheltered life when I was a child. My childhood was routine. There were no conflicts. Life was calm. Life was easy. My parents prevented dangers happening to me. They raised me ignoring problems hoping they go away. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't work. Ignoring problems hoping they go away rarely works as an adult. I was responsible solving my childhood problems which were not solved, and I continue fixing my past problems today. Stay strong. Be courageous.

A successful adult life requires maturity, professionalism, and a grown-up behavior. There are some successful adults who act like a jerk or a bitch. Never take life for granted. Earn your successes.

I share daily adult living lessons I learned. Nobody taught me these lessons. I acquired them since Sat Oct 4, 2008. It was the day I realized I must grow up. There are more mistakes I commit. There are more lessons to learn. I continue catching up what I missed in my younger years.

*No Day Is The Same. Today is one day. Tomorrow is another day. A routine day is extremely rare. Have the attitude of adjustment. Compensate when missing information or lack of supplies.

*Always Behind. I was a person who hated being behind. I was angry failing to accomplish my tasks in a day or in a week at work or at home. I accept being behind today. It's true there are days I caught up. I fall behind tomorrow in something else. Go with the flow. Complete responsibilities one at a time.

*Urgencies And Emergencies. There are emergencies, dangers, natural disasters, and conflicts. There are urgencies in the workplace. We control what we can control. We can't control what we can't control. The urgencies and emergencies are another example of going with the flow. Be prepared for events which can affect lives. Be prepared for unexpected roadblocks.

*New Challenges And New Opportunities. Sometimes new challenges and new opportunities come to us. Sometimes we must find new challenges and new opportunities. Active adults keep their lives open for new challenges and new opportunities. For example, I completed a Community Emergency Response Team training in Feb 2015. Another example is I'm looking for a new job. Life is not routine. Find something outside the comfort zone.

*Always Meet New People. If the reader chooses one lesson in the blog, then learn the always meet new people lesson. Never stop meeting new people. Always make new friends. Successful people rely on people for assistance. People come and go. Nobody successful does it alone. The next big break may involve someone in a circle of friends.

*Stay Active. Boredom prevents a successful life. Inactivity is a negative physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spirituality. A body is meant to move around. A brain is meant to learn, to read, and to think. A person avoids depression, sadness, and loneliness by getting up and doing something, anything. Income is earned working hard. An active person requires sleep to rest the sole.

In addition, stay sharp. Find time to refresh skills. Find time to learn new knowledge. Earn a higher income. Police, fire fighters, paramedics, and the military are required to spend time refreshing their skills and learning new knowledge. Educators attend workshops to learn new teaching techniques.

*Sense Of Urgency. The sense of urgency is a judgment call. The sense helped me accomplish many responsibilities. The sense motivated me job searching and self job-training seven days a week. I want a job soon. I want to live an independent life soon. My time is now. However, I experienced burn out because I failed to pace myself. I job search and self job-train six days a week. Pace myself when I have the sense of urgency.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Learning By Preparing

Candy is better than nothing preparing our CERT survival gear. The phone buy back scam accepts phones with corrosion in the battery and doesn’t accept phones with hearts. I hope a signed fire extinguisher gift and an emergency tool box are never used. Think out of the box buying sex lubes. The next sex fantasy to be continued.

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Sunday, August 02, 2015

What Did I Do Wrong?

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar blog because I ask myself questions.

My job searching includes applying to jobs at LinkedIn. I looked at my LinkedIn connections on Fri Jul 31. Almost everyone is successful with a permanent full time job from mid-level to senior level. I congratulate their successes. I asked myself, "What did I do wrong?" I don't compare myself to others. It's one of my daily life rules. I'm breaking the rule self-interviewing myself what I did wrong.

I'm A Late Bloomer

It sucks I'm a late bloomer. I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I wished I grew up much earlier. I wished I wised up being a mature adult. I was an immature adult. I took life for granted. I was irresponsible. I was complacent. I felt entitled. My life was too much fun.

I lived with my parents after I graduated college. I have been living with my parents. I never experienced life living on my own. Why did I stay home? Financially speaking, I was saving up to buy a house when I started working. The housing prices continued going up. I didn't have a job during the financial real estate bubble. I never thought about moving out of the house to be a responsible independent adult.

Bad Career Choices

I thought I made good career choices. I worked in commercial real estate for 8.5 years. It was the first industry I worked after graduating college. My job was solid. The job security was high. I was an expert at my position.

I think back today. 8.5 years was too long. I should have worked in another industry when the economy improved after the dot com recession. The knowledge and skills I learned were insufficient when I started working in the technology industry in 2007.

Furthermore, I fell through the cracks. Several recruiters who looked at my resume believed I should have been promoted in commercial real estate or I should have sought new positions with challenges and growth. My weaknesses weren't the lack of job skills and knowledge. My weaknesses were lack of relevant experience and lack of advanced skills. I had the background and the attitude to move up the career ladder. Nobody gave me the ladder.

I didn't know the above. Lessons learned. I took my commercial real estate career for granted. I'm grateful I left commercial real estate despite working too long. The technology industry was a career wake up call.

Another bad career choice was learning the wrong skills. There was nothing wrong learning Visual Basic, XML, JavaScript, and Dreamweaver. I made two mistakes. The first mistake was these job skills were irrelevant to my career strengths. They were irrelevant to my current and future career paths.

I Need People

The second mistake was I learned these skills by myself. There was nobody to help me. There was nobody to provide feedback whether I'm learning correctly or incorrectly. If people provided me feedback, I learned these skills correctly.

I needed help. I needed support. I needed experts to answer my questions. I needed to expand my circle of friends. I needed networks. I needed people. I'm confident some of my connections on my LinkedIn received help which included learning new skills, networking, finding internal job openings, and expanding their circles of people.

Lessons I Did Wrong

*Late bloomer. Don't take life for granted. Be responsible. Earn your successes. Play time is over. My fun time is controlled. It's not my fault I grew up late. I need to write another blog to explain why growing up late was not my fault. Fortunately, I grew up. It's better than never.

*Bad career choices. Never settle on one job. Find the challenging jobs. Find the growth jobs. Find the jobs I'm required to learn new skills. Keep looking for a job I love. Learn new skills and refresh existing skills outside the workplace. Police, fire fighters, paramedic, educators, and military are required to learn new skills and refresh existing skills. The people playing professional sports practice their drills before their games. Every professional must follow their examples.

*Alone. Always meet new people. Always make new friends. Successful people know other people. Successful people don't succeed alone.

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Successful people must go through hell. I never went through hell before. I'm going through hell now. The lessons I learn make me stronger. The mistakes I made are never repeated. The wisdom I acquire makes me smarter.

I'm one step closer to being independent. I'm one step closer to live a life making more choices. I'm one step closer to control more of my life. Be faithful. Be proactive. My independence is coming soon.

I'm not giving up. I continue looking. Never settle. This is it. If I give up, I sit in front of the TV eight hours a day letting life past by me. I take responsibility for all my actions. I'm going to find a good job. I'm going to create new circle of friends. I'm going to find new adventures and new experiences. I'm going to learn new job skills. I'm going to live independently. I'm going to find the woman of my dreams. I'm going to avoid hoarding. I'm going to stay in physical shape.

One of these days my LinkedIn profile is a respectable profile. More job skills. A stronger career timeline. More connections. My job title gives me respect. I begin attracting people.

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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Instant Bullets Blog Aug 1, 2015

*More cars parked on the street. I don't have the data to support. I believe a single family home parking their cars on the driveway and/or the street is a hording household. A garage is primarily intended to secure your cars and to protect them from the weather. One criteria is the occupants are a traditional single family. Other criteria include the home is not a rental where multiple housemates with their own cars rent rooms, the home has a car for each parent, or the occupants are an empty nest retired couple.

I intend my car belongs in my garage when I own a home. If I can't park my car in my garage, then I must remove items in my house. I'm not a materialistic person. Hording is not part of my life.

*Learn a skill to help people. I discovered an idea my parents should have taught me when I was a child. The idea is learn a skill to help people. My dad has skills to help people which include plumbing, woodworking, and electrical. My parents didn't teach me skills to help people. I believe I satisfied a skill. I completed the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training in Feb 2015. My training continues. I plan to take first-aid and CPR classes soon.

*Informational meeting. My department started informational meetings. Informational meetings are learning sessions or gaining knowledge seminars related to the company's business. One person runs the meeting like a lecturer in a college class. The participants are like the students acquiring information from the lecturer. The participants suggest topics to discuss. The lecturer writes the topics on a whiteboard. The lecturer begins sharing information one topic at a time.

The information meeting is another Tell Me You Game. The Tell Me You Games help people socialize. Click Tell Me You Games to read the games I created.

*Technical skills doesn't necessarily mean higher pay. Workers who bring business to the company are paid higher than people who don't bring business. People skills are more valuable than technical skills. If you get along with your co-workers, socially active, open person, and a good conversationalist, then you have a higher chance of longevity and a higher salary. Salespeople know the importance of people skills.

*Kickstarter board games on eBay. An experienced board gamer told me most board games on Kickstarter are bad. I backed three games. One game is a winner, a second game is okay, and a third game is a failure. I sold the third game unopened on eBay. The winning bid was less than my backed dollar amount. My friend backed the third game, too. He told me the game is bad playing multiple times with his friends.

You can take a chance buying a backed Kickstarter board game on eBay for a cheaper price. You need to wait months to acquire the game at a cheaper price than the backed price.

*USA Women's National Soccer Team. Congratulations to the team winning the 2015 World Cup. Well earned. The win was redemption from the 2011 World Cup loss. Moreover, I became interested in soccer when a friend took me to my first Major League Soccer game one month before the World Cup. Good timing.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Get A Job Very Soon

I got this feeling. I got this gut feeling. It sounds crazy. There is a company hiring me very soon. The feeling is similar when my last two companies hired me. The number of job openings I qualified decreased. I was tired self job-training. My staycation Jul 14-19 extended one more week of self job-training Jul 20-24. I continued self job-training yesterday; however, the hot temperatures convince me to delay self job-training for the week. I'm taking it easy completing other productive tasks.

Also, I attended job networking seminars. The first seminar was a resume workshop. The second seminar was a recruiter Q&A panel. The third seminar was an interview workshop.

Finding fewer job openings I qualify, exhaustion from self job-training, and job networking seminars were signs I got a job. It was a 2-0 record. I'm hoping for a 3-0 record. Forget about jinxing my new job. I know I'm being foolish. The patterns are clear. My next job is either a permanent or a temporarily which strengthens my resume. I refuse jobs hindering my future career.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Timeout Good Raymond Mar

I search for a job six days a week. I refresh my job skills and learn new job skills seven days a week. I'm unemployed. My contract was satisfied on May 1, 2015. I'm in a sense of urgency getting a new job. I accept a contract job if it strengthens my resume. I increase my chances getting a job learning new job skills. For example, I self-taught myself dashboards and forecasting.

There are two reasons for my sense of urgency getting a job. The first reason is I want to live my life independently now. There is no more waiting to live my life tomorrow. The time is now to live life my way. The second reason is to avoid too much fun. Life was too much fun after I graduated De Anza in Mar 2011. I failed to take job searching seriously. I failed to search for a job intelligently.

On the other hand, I'm working too hard job searching and job self-training since May 1. I took a risk if I may say so from Tue Jul 14 to Sun Jul 19. I took a break from job self-training. It was my staycation. I reduced my gym workouts in half. I turned off my sense of urgency getting a job. Was that okay? I rested my mind, body, and spirit. However, I continued job searching applying to potential job opportunities.

The last time I took a vacation was December 2009. I exclude the vacation when I went back to school from Mar 2009 to Jun 2011. The relaxation last week gave me more appreciation for vacations. We must take vacations. We must rest. My highlights below:

Podcasts. I caught up listening to Sex With Emily, Car Talk repodcasts, and Awesome Etiquette.

Movies From My DVD Collection. I watched Wall Street, Good Willing Hunting, Aliens, Clerks, and Goodfellas.

Baseball On TV. I watched the first, second, third, fourth, and bottom of the ninth innings in the All Star Game. I watched the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh innings in Giants Vs Diamondbacks game on Fri Jul 17.

Japanese Restaurant. I ate all you can eat sushi for the first time.

The staycation last week was successful. I'm refocused. I'm back to my normal routine job searching and job self-training; for instance, job training in the afternoon, working out at the gym in the evening, and job searching before bedtime. I take care of myself and my family between those events. I pace myself while in a sense of urgency.

Furthermore, listen to my heart. Trust my intuition. I keep looking for the next job which fits me. I take a risk refusing job interviews I believe aren't a fit. There is no settling down. This is it. I'm ready to move on.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Half Ass Is Better Than Nothing

Have you ever done something half ass? It could be an assignment, an errand, a task, a responsibility, or a project. Exclude school and college. The work was accomplished. The recipient said good job. However, knowingly in your heart the work was completed half ass.

In addition, you said to yourself, "I put little effort". Your 50% or less effort attitude was at the start of the work process. The attitude wasn't the midpoint of the work process. The attitude wasn't the end of the work process. You were lazy. Maybe you were tired. The work wasn't worth your 100% effort.

I don't have the data to prove it. I believe the workmanship in the USA continues going down. The half ass workmanship similarly applies to education, taking care of our bodies, and all relationships. Lower standards are accepted.

I believe fatigue is the reason we accept lower standards. Everyone is tired. The world is getting less sleep. The world forgot how to turn off before bedtime. The information age is stimulating too much. We hear people, companies, and advertisements stating we strive for higher standards. I want to believe it. I don't see the higher standards most of the time. There are success stories we don't hear. There are failure stories we do hear.

Second Language Requirement In Junior High

Some foreign countries require schools to teach students to be fluent in a second language. Spanish was offered to some students in my junior high school. Studies shown it's easier to learn a second language at a young age. Let's make knowing a second language a junior high school graduation requirement. The requirement is an example of raising standards.

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