Friday, April 14, 2017

Top Ten Movies I Can Watch Again And Again

One positive watching movies is selected movies each person can watch again and again. These movies we watch infinitely connect with us. We calm down. We laugh. We reflect. We learn. We discover. There is something in the movie we relate in real life. Been there, done that. We are always 100% satisfied watching the movie from beginning to end or watching selected scenes.

Grease (1978) is one movie I can watch again and again. The movie cheers me up when I'm depressed. I like the music. I pictured myself attending high school in the late 1950s during one movie watch. If I have children, then I'm comfortable they can watch Grease with no worries. I consider Grease a family movie.

Here are the top ten movies I can watch again and again:

10. The Dark Knight (2008). The movie was all Heath Ledger. If I name my favorite evil character, Heath Ledger's Joker comes to my mind first.

9. For Your Eyes Only (1981). My personal all-time favorite Bond movie. It was the first Bond movie I watched. Humor, action, gadgets, car chase, and a great opening Bond scene.

8. Hot Fuzz (2007). I remember watching the first 15 minutes at a friend's house. We all laughed our asses. I exited the house because there was another commitment. I watched the movie for the second time from start to finish at the end of the year. I like movies which go full circle.

7. Beverly Hills Cop (1984). Eddie Murphy's breakout movie. No green screen special effects for the action and comedy movie classic.

6. Wall Street (1987). The movie about Bud Fox who wanted to be Gordon Gekko realized he was just Bud Fox. Most of the movie regarding business is true today.

5. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982). I wish I was more like Elliott when I was a child. He had more courage and more attractiveness towards girls. E.T. was the first movie I watched in an outdoor movie theater decades later.

4. Star Wars IV (1977). I was a child who smiled at every battle scene and every special effect. I didn't understand the plot. My favorite scene is Obi-Wan gave Luke his first lesson in The Force inside the Millennium Falcon.

3. Stand By Me (1986). Four boys took a journey to find the body of a missing boy before they begin junior high school. It was my first coming-of-age movie. I include Breaking Away (1979) in number #3 because it's another good coming-of-age movie.

2. Saving Private Ryan (1998). My personal all-time favorite war movie. The movie should have won best picture instead of Shakespeare In Love.

Honorable mentions: Aliens, Clerks, The Princess Bride, and Toy Story.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997). I watched the movie for the first time in 2014. It's another movie I watch when I feel depressed. I tell myself I'm a good Raymond Mar sincerely. My all time favorite ending and end credits. I like the tagline: Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Questions Answer Quickly Answer Briefly

Here is a list of questions below. Answer quickly. Answer briefly. Questions first. My answers second.

1. You're stranded on an island. What book do you want with you?
2. What is the one meal you eat for the rest of your life?
3. What is your life mulligan? Choose one.
4. If you started college again, then what is your major? Choose a different major. Or if you dropped out of college or never attended college, then what is your major?
5. Trade a hobby for another hobby.
6. Somebody gives you $1,000,000 to choose another place to live. Where? Present location excluded.
7. What is the one TV show you want to watch all episodes?
8. Dream car?
9. What year do you want to be born? Why?
10. What knowledge do you want to learn more?
11. Another career path?
12. Choose one sport to follow religiously.
13. What is one change you want your parents to change?
14. What personal handicap do you want eliminated?
15. What miracle do you want the world to have?
16. What task do you want somebody else to do for the rest of your life?
17. What is something you don't regret?
18. Tell me something you discovered recently.

1. You're stranded on an island. What book do you want with you? I choose three. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Bridges Of Madison County by Robert James Waller, and The Martian by Andy Weir.

2. What is the one meal you eat for the rest of your life? The Chinese broccoli beef rice plate.

3. What is your life mulligan? Choose one. I redo my college life from freshmen to graduation.

4. If you started college again, then what is your major? Choose a different major. Or if you dropped out of college or never attended college, then what is your major? I can say Accounting because it was an alternative major. I earned an AA degree in Accounting during The Great Recession. My answer is Geology.

5. Trade a hobby for another hobby. If I'm an anime fan today, then I trade anime for backpacking.

6. Somebody gives you $1,000,000 to choose another place to live. Where? Present location excluded. Seattle, WA.

7. What is the one TV show you want to watch all episodes? Classic The Simpsons.

8. Dream car? Audi A6.

9. What year do you want to be born? Why? 1973. I missed good opportunities because I was one year too late.

10. What knowledge do you want to learn more? I have many. My answer is automobiles.

11. Another career path? Movie critic. That is a random answer off the top of my mind.

12. Choose one sport to follow religiously. Football.

13. What is one change you want your parents to change? I want my parents to be stronger.

14. What personal handicap do you want eliminated? I can't tread water. I want to tread water.

15. What miracle do you want the world to have? I have a few including end world hunger and everyone can read. My answer is eliminating mental illnesses.

16. What task do you want somebody else to do for the rest of your life? Dusting. Remove dust in my household.

17. What is something you don't regret? I'm not a high school math teacher.

18. Tell me something you discovered recently. I discovered inpatients in a hospital have a responsibility to help medical professions do their jobs.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Two Personal Vows

I give myself two vows. The first vow is controlling my money. The second vow is controlling stress.

"Money is the root of all evil" is a common life quote. I vow my life is not controlled by money. I never worry about money. I live a life minimizing splurges. My splurge rule is wait 24 hours for splurging goods and services below $100 or wait 48 hours for splurging goods and services $100 and greater. I never hoard. Useless goods are sold on eBay or given away for free. I take advantage of sales. I'm patient waiting for sales on most goods and services. I shop around and research online to find the lowest price. I follow my money lifestyle whether I have $1 or $1,000,000 in my bank account. I'm the same Raymond Mar whether I have $1 or $1,000,000 in my bank account.

We're human beings. Humans absorb a certain amount of stress. Stress levels above a human being's tolerance changes himself or herself. Uncontrolled stress changes people in a negative way. I vow I control my stress for which stress doesn't control my life. Stress doesn't change my life. I have experienced people changed because of stress. I have been told stories people changed because of stress. Stressed people gain weight. Stressed people experience health problems. Stressed people lose their patience. Stressed people express their frustrations to other people. Stressed people are hard to communicate. Stressed people are hard to socialize with other people. Stressed people are unattractive. Stressed people become lost.

I control my stress eating healthy foods. I cook healthy meals. I minimize eating junk food and processed food. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Also, I sleep eight hours a night. Sleep rests my body, my mind, and my soul. I workout at the gym four or five days a week. I listen to music such as classical music when I eat breakfast and ambient sleep music when I sleep. The Beatles is a great band to listen when I'm stressed. And I create a circle of friends to spend time socializing soon. I'm looking for a circle of intelligent, mature, outgoing, and professional friends.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's A Lonely World

I dedicate today's blog to all the lonely people. Are you lonely? So am I. I have experience more than my share feeling lonely. The feeling is bad. No description can be clearer. Loneliness is bad.

The best way the fight loneliness is be active. Attract people. Luck is a factor. Never rely 100% on luck to meet new people and make new friends. A person's actions, behavior, and knowledge are more important factors. Be a good person. Good people come to you. If loneliness is a problem taking over your life, then you may need professional help.

I have strength. I have courage. I have been active. I'm unemployed. I live with my parents. I move forward living with the two life hindrances. I job search two times a day every weekday. I workout at the gym four or five days a week. I read books. I learn new job skills such as Python and JavaScript. I review existing job skills such as Excel and SQL. I play board games. I hike. I cook meals. I open myself to experience new experiences.

Lonely people are looking for friends. Lonely people are looking for soul mates. Lonely people are looking for lovers. Don't give up finding people. I'm not giving up. I hate being lonely. Maybe I find you.

Time is the ultimate judge. I trust myself what I'm doing today helps me meet new people tomorrow. Get up and do something, anything.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Lucky To Be Alive

Everyone reading today's blog should be lucky to be alive. Today is another day. Take a deep breath. Smile. Hope for the best. Work to be the best. Earn your successes. Get up and do something, anything are signs of being lucky. Boredom kills life motivation. Desire or motivation is more important than knowledge or high intelligence.

I job search two times each weekday. I learn new job skills. I review my existing job skills. I read books. I workout at the gym. I cook healthy meals. I minimize eating out. I spend wisely. I'm not depressed. Life is getting better. My life can't get worse. I'm fortunate I'm in good health. I'm fortunate I'm not a slow person. I'm fortunate I have shelter. I'm fortunate I have a car. I'm fortunate I realized I must grow up in my 30s instead of my 50s. I'm happy. Happier moments are coming soon.


Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Best

Humans want to be the best. We want a good life. We want to be successful. Humans every day have a feeling something good happens. I have a date with the person I like. I won the sweepstakes. The company I interviewed sends me a job offer. He said yes. She said yes. I got accepted. We won the contract. The analysis supported our facts. It came true. The best is yet to come.

Why do we feel the best comes soon? My answer is obvious: everyone wants the best. We do anything hoping, praying, wishing, working, and believing for the best. How do we achieve the best? My answer is everything from small to large and from logical to stupidity. Good luck charms. Rituals. Perfect practice. Drills. Routines. Working intelligently. We need a little luck and fortunate timing. We do everything for the best.

I don't sit on a sofa watching television eight hours a day. I stay active. I'm learning Python and CSS currently. I workout at the gym four to five days a week. I keep the house clean. I cook meals. I rarely eat out. I read books. I job search weekdays two times a day. I seek new adventures. I experience new experiences. I need a little luck and fortunate timing. I have a feeling the best comes soon.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Throwback Blog: De Anza Week Mar 21, 2011

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled De Anza Week Mar 21, 2011 in Mar 2011. Another De Anza College blog when I went back to school during the Great Recession. The Mar 21, 2011 week was finals week for the Winter Quarter 2011. I was sick before and during finals week. Moreover, it was mid-terms at Mission College where I took Quickbooks. I ended the blog saying Winter 2011 was my worse quarter. There was a sickness bug throughout campus. Motivation was weak. Student-teacher connections were weak. It was a fatigued quarter. Everyone had grit. Everyone adjusted.

Mon Mar 21

Today was the last day of instruction. Finals started tomorrow. My Intermediate Acct professor was on-call for jury duty. The probability was rare to be called in on the first day and the probability was rare to serve. My professor was called in and he served.

The professor arrived late. He showed his juror badge. The students received the practice final from a student at the beginning of class. We received extra credit by completing the practice final by Friday, the day of our final. The professor lectured and reviewed a few of the questions. The final was Chapters 16, 18, and 19.

Intro to Business was my first final. There were conflicts with some students if we took the final on Wed. Everyone choose to have the final today. The final was 100 questions consisted of 40% new material after the third mid-term and 60% old material. I didn’t study. My feeling was I passed the class. I answered all the accounting, stocks, and investment questions correctly. I better answered them correctly because I’m an accounting major and I followed the stock market during the dot-com era. I submitted more extra credit when I submitted my final. The extra credit was 20 points for selling a stock with at least $1,000 profit and 2 points for buying and selling an exchanged traded fund involving currency.

I went home one hour earlier. It took me one hour to complete the Intro to Business final.

Tue Mar 22

My sinus infection got worse Monday night. I scheduled an appointment in the afternoon with my primary care physician. He extended my antibiotics for five more days and said I continue to take Mucinix D. He also gave me a prescription for codeine and Nasonex.

Quickbooks class was short. We took our mid-term. The mid-term was 25 true and false and 15 multiple choice. 50% of the questions were from the textbook. I didn’t study. I answered the accounting concepts questions correctly. I better answered them correctly because I’m an accounting major. There was no lecture afterwards. I start working on the take home mid-term during spring break.

Wed Mar 23

I took two teaspoons of codeine and sprayed Nasonex inside my nose. It took me a long time to sleep. The codeine didn’t work.

I went to De Anza at 12:30pm because there was a study group for Intermediate Acct. Two students including myself showed up. I studied the textbook and my classmate worked on the practice mid-term. He looked at my practice mid-term I completed Tue afternoon as a guide. I spent Monday night and Tuesday afternoon on the practice mid-term.

I went back home to eat a late lunch and read Chapter 16. I drove back to De Anza at 7:10pm for the dance class final. The turnout was small. I recognized a few students who didn’t attend. They might not know we had a final. We reviewed the Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, Salsa, Nite Club Two-Step, and our dance demo West Coast Swing. The instructor ended the class as if tonight was a regular class meeting since finals we danced longer than a regular class meeting.

Fri Mar 25

This was it. I studied Chapters 16, 18, and 19 and reviewed the practice final twice for Intermediate Acct. I did my best. My goal was to pass the class. An A, B, or C grade doesn’t matter. I just wanted to pass. My sinus infection improved such that I cough less. I thought to myself I keep warm, I cough less. I drank lots of hot water. I stopped taking codeine on Wed night and continued spraying Nasonex. I continued the antibiotics and Mucinix D. My sleep was better Wed and Thur.

The Intermediate Acct final match the practice final mostly. The professor tweaked some of the questions such that students must know their basic Accounting 1B. I forgot most of my Accounting 1B. There were no CPA questions from Chapter 16. There were three questions exactly from the practice final. The final wasn’t hard in my opinion. I thought the final was written such that to earn an A on the final you must know basic 1B.

I returned my Intro to Business rented textbook to the bookstore. If students failed to return the textbook, the bookstore charged the full price on the textbook and the student owned it. Damn!


There were few highlights in Winter ’11 quarter. Fall ’10 was the worse quarter. Winter ’11 is my worse quarter, and no other quarter comes as worse as this quarter. I choose to review the Winter ’11 highlights using a Q&A format.

What went wrong?

Laziness, boring classes, lost interest, lack of focus, no connection between the instructor and the students. There was no challenge. There was a fatigue bug throughout the quarter. It seemed everyone at De Anza including the teachers and staff were tired—lacked energy. There was also a sickness bug. My classmate in Intermediate Acct had the flu and missed one week. I had a sinus infection and I missed one week. My counselor said there was a sickness bug in her building.

The late lunch and study break between Intro to Business failed. I believed the break between the classes contributed to my quarter long fatigue. My late lunch didn’t give me enough energy to focus in dance class. I stopped attending Mon night dance class in March.

I should have taken more naps when I felt fatigue instead of fighting the fatigue. My fatigue contributed a significant part to my sinus infection.

Winter ’11 worse than San Jose State’s Fall Semester 1993?

Definitely no. I was naive, took my professors for granted such that they gave me a good grade anyways since I get along with them well, and making little efforts in my homework. I was immature back in 1993.

There were lots of incidents, events, and moments beyond your control.

There were too many. They were all in a negative way. Add them up and I felt frustrated, angry, and stressed. The small incidents included lots of red lights at intersections and long delays in the supermarket lines. The large incidents included my home almost robbed.

What was the Winter ’11 lesson learned?

I learned a life lesson in past quarters. There was no lesson learned.

What are your changes for Spring ’11?

One, consistency in my life. My daily schedule was inconsistent throughout the quarter. Sometimes I sleep early, sometimes I sleep late. Sometimes I have a good week working out three days a week, sometimes I have a bad week not working out at all.

Two, I want to control more of my life. If something bad happens, I want to take control to turn the bad to good.

Three, I have a break between my classes in Spring ’11. I’m going home instead of staying on campus.

Fourth, if I feel tired, I take a nap. Don’t fight it, sleep it.

January started great for everyone.

Yeah, January started great. I remember the first day of classes in Winter ’10. Nobody wanted to show up. The students, instructors, and staff wanted to go home and stay on vacation.

Everyone looked forward to Winter ’11 because many people had a bad 2010 year. They hoped for a good start to 2011. It seemed, at least in my classes and the staff I talked to, Winter ’11 was not a good start.

What saved Winter ’11 from a disaster?

First, seeing a doctor for my sinus infection. Initially I thought my sickness was something I recover myself like in 2009 and 2010. I needed a doctor to examine me and to prescribe antibiotics.

Second, changing my studying in Intermediate Acct. I was able to complete the pre-lecture homework without reading the chapter. The material and concepts became harder. I read the chapter first and then completed the pre-lecture homework. The change saved time, eased my frustration, and I understood the material faster.

Third, took it slow and did a little each time. For example, most of the quarter I completed my Intermediate Acct homework all in one day. The last month I completed the homework a little each day up to the due date.

Fourth, stopped attending Monday night dance class. I got more free time eating and studying at home on Mondays instead of staying on campus.

How fast was Winter ’11?

It was the fastest quarter and the fastest three months ever in my life. One advantage to the quarter system was if the class stinks, it ends faster than semester.

You received information in Fall ’10 there was a highly recommended Intro to Business instructor. He taught Tuesday and Thursday. You didn’t want to attend classes four days a week. You registered for a Monday and Wednesday Intro to Business class after Intermediate Acct. It turned out the Monday and Wednesday instructor was boring. Should you have taken the guarantee Tuesday and Thursday class?

Hindsight is 20/20. I thought nobody can screw up an introduction class. I was wrong. My Monday and Wednesday instructor was boring, unchallenging, and the homework assignments were either too easy or too confusing. If somebody can screw up a cooking a hamburger, somebody can screw up anything.

What was something you’re not going to miss?

The Intro to Business lesson videos.

What were the highlights?

I watched classic movies I checked out at the library, I submitted graduation forms, and I ate out less often.