Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Relevant Life Lessons And Trends

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

The best schools are nothing without parents encouraging their children to be active during summer vacations. A hospital is a positive experience providing bare necessities and gifts. The government serves the public protecting the people and providing services. Fortunately, the government doesn't make money in contrast to many private sector companies. Going to a chocolate festival is added to my bucket list. Eating fried Twinkies was not in my bucket list. Sarcastic mom's can teach life lessons to their children sincerely. Malls must tear down and renovate to stay in business.


Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Ending 2017 On A Sweet Note Beginning 2018 On An Awkward Note

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No green light needed for a crosswalk signal light. Get a life minimize playing video games and minimize eating chocolate. Stay in shape bicycling on a working life cycle. Invest with the flow intelligently. Always double check emptying the trunk. Costco does price closeout goods. The old school workplaces continue to disappear. Out with the old and in with the new life wisdom still valid everywhere.


Friday, May 04, 2018

Pictures Today Reflect Yesterday

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

Let's go back at least 20 years. Pocky was $1 a box. People listened to music on boom boxes. Sailor Moon was the top anime. Consumers did judge a product by its cover. Homes were built with care. There was worker company loyalty. We had more time for peace; we breath cleaner air. Star Wars IV-VI were the best yesterday. Star Wars IV-VI are the best today.


Thursday, May 03, 2018

Boys And Girls, Pizzas, Burgers, Sausages, And Love

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

Oct 2017 started on a bad note in the Bay Area with the Northern California wildfires. Provide pizzas to the babysitter as incentive to do his or her job. Boys and girls are nervous when it comes to love. Everything is okay. The grade school couple goes to In-N-Out for lunch or dinner and then a movie with adult supervision. Sausage and onions are a good combination.


Monday, April 30, 2018

Throwback Blog: To What Bad Degree Are These Tiny, Minor, Small Stuff

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled To What Bad Degree Are These Tiny, Minor, Small Stuff in May 2013. I have been experiencing many tiny problems, minor inconveniences, bad luck, and bad timing. Most of these negative moments were small going back to 2016 to be honest. Some of these negative moments I mentioned in May 2013 happen today including signal lights turning red when I arrive at an intersection, items dropping from a table, unwanted phone calls, and paying with the wrong credit card. These negative moments adds up to become a big deal. I become frustrated. I ask myself when is good luck coming to me.

My advice in May 2013 is the same today. Grind it out. Ride it out. Let it go. Let it be. Stay strong. I realize they suck. It's life. Also, laugh it off. Chuckle. Have grit. Get better. Learn from the mistakes.

Finally, I share my alternated titles. They are the following: These Few Seconds Moments Bugging Me, Commenting On My Life's Few Seconds Moments, Commenting (or Sharing) My Life's Many Little Moments, My Feelings On My Life's Moments During My Few Seconds, These Tiny Moments Here And There Good And Bad.

I'm going to talk about my tiny problems, the minor inconveniences, the small bad moments for the past three weeks. These are the first time they're affecting my life since Fall 2004. My goal is find the proactive solution. How do I deal with these?

Most of these stop bugging me moments, these "are you kidding me" moments, these bad timing moments were beyond my control. They just happened. The most common moments were yellow lights at signaled intersections. I drove to an intersection. The green light turned yellow. I slowed down and stopped. These yellow lights happened two or more times per drive locally and from city to city.

Likewise in Fall 2004. I remembered the countless yellow lights driving to work and driving home. I thought the yellow lights were a message. I realized the message was slow down. I lived a fast paced life. Slow down and be patient. I slowed down and 2005 was a good year. I don't think the slow down message applies to my recent bad timing moments.

Another common moment was related to signal interactions. More pedestrians were crossing at interactions I'm waiting. I drove short distances doing errands in my neighborhood on Thur May 9. I waited for pedestrians crossing the intersections three times. If it wasn't for the pedestrians, I wait a shorter time for my green light. I drove to the gym six minutes away from my house on Tue May 7. I waited for pedestrians crossing the intersections two times.

Another group of aggravating me moments, these sigh moments, these "oh my God" moments were dropping things on the floor, knocking things off a table, and being a klutz like moments. I had these moments in the past. These were the longest time span I experience drops, falls, and slips to date.

There were many more. They included the following:

*I dropped off used motor oil at an O'Reilly auto parts store. The store turned me away because their oil tank was contaminated. The worker told me to drop off the oil at another O'Reilly.

*My car needed a car wash. My favorite Chevron car wash station had a four car wait. I went to another Chevron car wash which did a less than good clean. I couldn't wait another day because my car was dirty and I didn't have free time thereafter.

*There was the gym workout Tue night where a few people hogged the machines. I could have worked in. I wanted to go home instead.

*My alarm clock failed to wake me up. It appeared I didn't turn the alarm on.

*Unwanted phone calls. There were too many, and when they rang, I checked the caller ID because my parents were out of the house.

*Unwanted door bell rings. There were too many, and when they rang, I asked my parents if they're expecting someone to visit because most of the time they don't tell me.

*Fuel injection cleaner. I paid a higher priced gas for the second time in the last three pouring fuel injection cleaners in my fuel tank. It's advisable to pour fuel injection cleaner in a near empty gas tank before filling up the gas.

*I used the wrong credit card to pay for some items because the correct credit card I receive a bonus cash back.

*I made an Amazon purchase. It took me too much time to find an item between $4-5 for free shipping. I ended up buying a DVD. I wasted too much time.

*I watched a movie in a movie theater. There was a mentally challenged person in my movie shouting out random words. It bothered me a few times initially. I ignored him thereafter.

*I backed up my car in a parking lot. I waited for neighboring cars to back up before me three times at three different parking lots this week.

Add these little things up and it becomes a big deal.

My solutions are to grind it out. Ride it out. Let it go. Let it be. Stay strong. I realize they suck. It's life. You must learn how to deal with these with a mature attitude and, sometimes, professionally. Stay cool. Focus and remember to be a good guy. I said enough solutions. I believe I understand. I feel a little better letting it all out.

I know these bad moments I experienced many in a short time period is short-term. My life should turn around with good fortunes soon. I hope the short-term ends quickly. I want it today.

Finally, I apologize to the O'Reilly employees for my angry reaction.


Friday, April 27, 2018

Unemployed Borrowed Time

The common definition of borrowed time is living beyond a point of time he or she should have died. I define a different kind of borrowed time which is long-term unemployed. I speak on behalf of some long-term unemployed living on borrowed time. Personal savings are low. More hiring managers ignore a resume with a growing time gap. Job skills are forgotten--use it or lose it. Professional social skills and business communication skills are getting rusty. New job knowledge is not acquired on the job. Personal morale is weakening. We feel more pessimism. Bad luck. Unfavorable timing. No opportunities.

Life is unfair. Someone wins. Someone loses. Many unemployed live their best earning no income. Every dollar saved counts. There are weekday job searches hoping for an interview. Some unemployed review their existing job skills and/or learns new job skills. We feel depress in June because more college students graduate adding more supply of job candidates. Also, we feel depress when another person got the job instead of us. Age discrimination exists. Some employed treat the unemployed as losers believing we can't find a job in today's low unemployed job market. We don't blame the employed for their misinformation. The employed don't know. The job market is tough. We unemployed know the truth. Layoffs, company mergers, and company reorganization continues. Those employed become unemployed eventually know the truth.

There are bills to pay. We sleep. We eat meals. We find time for leisure. We socialize. We have family obligations. We have personal responsibilities. The world moves forward while we slow down falling behind. The day we accept defeat like a football team losing 48-0 in the fourth quarter arrives soon. Life collects all the unemployed borrowed time. We are the losers.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Top Ten Movies I Can Watch 100 Times

Blogger's Note: I wrote a similar blog titled Top Ten Movies I Can Watch Again And Again on Apr 14, 2017. My list must be revised.

Everyone has movies which touch them. There's something which attracts us to watch 100 times resulting in the satisfaction entertainment or better to outstanding entertainment. It's like we are investigators who look at evidence videos or professional sports players or coaches who look at past game tapes numerous times getting something new. These movies cheer us up when we feel down. These movies prevent being bored. These movies bring people together.

Shout-outs to TV series Breaking Bad all seasons and Malcolm In The Middle season one and season two. I can watch these episodes 100 times.

Here are the top ten movies I can watch 100 times:

10. Grease (1978). The movie cheers me up when I'm depressed. I like the music. I pictured myself attending high school in the late 1950s during one movie watch. I consider Grease a family movie.

9. For Your Eyes Only (1981). My personal all-time favorite Bond movie. It was the first Bond movie I watched. Humor, action, gadgets, car chase, and a great opening Bond scene.

8. Up (2009). My all time Disney Pixar movie. A family movie children and adults enjoy. There are mature scenes perfectly made for children to understand.

7. Wall Street (1987). The movie about Bud Fox who wanted to be Gordon Gekko realized he was just Bud Fox. Most of the movie regarding business is true today.

6. Aliens (1986). An honorable mention movie in my Top Ten Movies I Can Watch Again And Again blog which shouldn't. The dialogue was written intelligently.

5. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982). An alien was abandoned on earth, a child befriended the alien, and the child helped the alien go home. I wished I had the child's courage when I was in grade school.

4. Stand By Me (1986). Four boys took a journey to find the body of a missing boy before they begin junior high school. It was my first coming-of-age movie.

3. Star Wars IV (1977). Destiny arrived for Luke to leave Tatooine. The farmboy couldn't stay cooped up with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru forever. My favorite scene is Obi-Wan gave Luke his first lesson in The Force inside the Millennium Falcon.

2. A Few Good Men (1992). The only scene I watched was Jack Nicholson taking the witness stand. I watched the scene randomly when I channel surfed in hotel rooms. The last time I watched the scene I was a hospital inpatient. I watched the movie in its entirety after I checked out of the hospital. I can't explain why it took me decades to watch the entire movie. Tom Cruise is a good actor. I'm happy I have the DVD.

Honorable mentions: Gravity, The Dark Knight, Toy Story

1. Good Will Hunting (1997). I watched the movie for the first time in 2014. It's another movie I watch when I feel depressed. I tell myself I'm a good Raymond Mar sincerely. My all time favorite ending and end credits. "It's not your fault." - Sean Maguire

Update On A Past Blog

I wrote a blog titled No Help For Those Behind on Apr 11, 2018. I visited a Bank Of America branch understaffed, card readers couldn't accept embedded chip, and older ATMs in a building built in the 1980s. My regular Bank Of America branch is fully staffed, card readers accepts embedded chip, and ATMs are the latest. Business is unfair. Good branches receive help. Bad branches need help.

I visited an old Bank Of America branch in another city earlier in the week. The city per capita income is higher than my home city. I was shocked to see the same characteristics comparing the two branches including an old building built earlier in the 1970s. I expected a better looking branch with the latest and greatest at least inside. Perhaps the branch was a low performing branch. Ironic.