Monday, January 25, 2016

Instant Bullets Blog Jan 25, 2016 (last bullets Dec 1, 2015)

*The Fairly Intelligent Fly. Click here to read the fable by James Thurber. Read the moral there is no safety in numbers, or in anything else.

*Watching Movies Again. If you feel like watching a movie, consider rewatching movies watched years ago. I rewatched The Matrix trilogy, Dead Poets Society, Goodfellas, and Good Will Hunting recently. I understood more rewatching these movies again.

*More Hours Driver Training. Pilots require thousands of hours training to fly an airplane. I believe more hours are required for automobile drivers. How about a require driving refresher course? Police, fire, paramedics, medical, and military require refresher courses and routine testing. Professional sports require practice and drills. People can learn something from pilots, police, fire, paramedics, medical, military, and professional sports. Find time to refresh our skills, practice, and learn new skills in our own professions. Never stop learning. Never stop innovating.

*Don't Be An Old Fuck. Speaking of never stop learning. Speaking of never stop innovating. Keep your brain sharp. Work intelligently indefinitely. Do you need ideas to learn something new? Take a look at my Top Ten I Want To Learn More.

*Henry B. I believe the top reason why Henry B. at Palo Alto Networks hired me for a contract position was because Henry B. wanted to give me a chance to improve my resume. He wanted to fill my resume gap. He was laid off in a past position. I believe someone at Palo Alto Networks gave him a chance to fill his resume gap. He paid it forward to me.

*Living The Present Physically. Getting physical is an example of living the present. Being physical today reduces stress, stays focus, lives with lots of energy daily, and lowers the chances of getting chronic sickness. Being physical today prepares the future with good health, slow aging, and minimizing popping pills at an older age.

*My Job Search Taking Longer. I felt stupid when I started job searching. My friends who lost their jobs via layoffs found another job up to two months later. I'm job searching more than two months. I'm looking for new positions excluding data entry. If I apply to data entry jobs, then I find a job up to two months. The job searching is taking longer because I'm applying to business analyst, data analyst, and reporting analyst positions. I'm not stupid. I can't give up.

*My Parents Have No Social Life. My parents have very little friends. They have no social life. They're always late. They're disorganized in the house. They have poor socializing skills. I wonder if my parents question why nobody calls them for gatherings. My parents are boring. They put no effort being good people. Ironically, I think they're happy the way they're living their senior years. Ignorance is bliss.

*Add up the little things for something big. We hear the little things make a big difference when succeeding at our goals, daily responsibilities, and assignments. The little things also apply to disasters, complications, tragedies, and frustrating moments. Everyone experience bad days. Nothing is going correctly. It's those little things going against us adding up to something big. The idea applies to positive outcomes and negative outcomes.

*Complementary Relationship. We hear the common descriptions describing a good relationship: chemistry, getting along with each other, good communication, kindness, and common interests. One description under recognized is complementary. For example, the late Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell. Powell complemented Jobs giving him an anchor, keeping Jobs in check intelligently, and filling the missing pieces of Jobs emotionally. Think how you complement your partner for those who are in a relationship.

*Practice Eye Contract. I made a discovery when I brushed my teeth on Nov 17, 2015. I looked at myself in the mirror eyes open. I made eye contact with myself. I brushed my teeth with my eyes closed before Nov 17, 2015. I practice eye contract making eye contact with myself brushing my teeth in front of the mirror.

*Truly Experience Life. If you never experienced rejection, failure, frustration, depression, and tragedies, then you never experienced life. If you never encounter problems and solve problems indefinitely, then you never experienced life. Agree or disagree?

*Skipping Meal Mistake. Jan 10, 2016 was the laziest day my household experienced. Nobody cooked lunch. I watched the NFL playoffs. My mom didn't cook. My dad didn't cook. The minimum I could have done was baked frozen chicken stripes. There was no bread, no rice, and no vegetables. I could have eating a fruit. Another option was ordering a pizza or take out Chinese. There are restaurants a short driving distance I missed a little of the NFL playoffs. And there is a Safeway minutes away. I could have purchased frozen meals or buy something in the deli for my parents and I. I ended up cooking dinner after 7pm. Dinner was served at 8:30pm.

Lesson learned. Never skip breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening. I must do whatever it takes to eat meals. It's better to eat something than nothing; however, the logic must not be abused such that I eat junk food or eating out of the house all the time.

*Give My Mom Credit. She made correct choices regarding poor fruits and vegetables. She taught us to avoid iceberg lettuce and golden delicious apples. Iceberg lettuce is mostly water. There is too much sugar in golden delicious apples.


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