Thursday, January 14, 2016

Moment Of The Years

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel was the 2015 Person Of The Year from Time magazine. The annual Person Of The Year inspired me to select my Moment Of The Years. My Moment Of The Years is the first time I select my top moments. I choose 1998 after I graduated from San Jose State University (SJSU) to start the moments. I pretend I select each year's moment as if I was in Dec of the particular year; for example, for 2011, I pretend I select my 2011 Moment Of The Year in Dec 2011.

Nominees: Cal Poly Open House, First Gym Membership, Geocities Web Page, Grubb & Ellis, Microsoft Access, Weekend Trip To Santa Barbara
Explanation: My first road trip was visiting a friend at Cal Poly's Open House in San Luis Obispo, CA. I helped him raise money for his club. I signed up for a gym membership because Grubb & Ellis moved to another building. I could no longer use the building's gym. I learned HTML. I created my first webpage at Geocities. My first job was at the global commercial real estate company Grubb & Ellis. I also learned Microsoft Access. My mom and I took drove to Santa Barbara to pickup my grandfather for the weekend. It was the only time we spent significant time together.
What Won: Grubb & Ellis
What Should Have Won: Grubb & Ellis
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Any college graduate earning a salary for the first time is remembered forever. I never thought I worked in commercial real estate for 8.5 years. It just happened.

Nominees: Anime Expo, Colliers International, Fanime Con, Dot Com Stock Market
Explanation: All anime fans during my generation dreamed of attending Anime Expo for which I attended for the first time. My manager who hired me at Grubb & Ellis hired me at Colliers International which was a better commercial real estate company. Fanime Con was the first time it was held in a hotel with 24 hour anime viewing. Everybody with money wanted to participate in the dot com stock market boom.
What Won: Anime Expo
What Should Have Won: Anime Expo
My Thoughts Jan 2016: More workers should know people quit companies because of bad management. People don't quit companies because the company is bad. Learning Microsoft Access in 1998 opened the door to work at Colliers International. I wished I realize Colliers International was not a long-term career. Anime Expo was the correct choice.

Nominees: Fanime Con, Innovate Infinitely, Sailor Moon Role Playing Game, Stock Market Crashed
Explanation: Fanime Con held their first four day anime convention. One of the midnight events was the Card Captor Sakura marathon. I created Innovate Infinitely as the theme for my webpage. I purchased the official Sailor Moon Role Playing Game book for which I ran one adventure.
What Won: Innovate Infinitely
What Should Have Won: Innovate Infinitely
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Innovate Infinitely became my own webpage years later. Click here to view. I learned my mistakes from the stock market crash. It's unfortunate some people continue to make bad stock market choices.

Nominees: 9/11, Anime Expo, First Golden State Warriors Game, Played Softball, Reno Weekend Trip
Explanation: The world changed on Sep 11, 2001. Many anime attendees were happy Anime Expo moved to Long Beach instead of staying at Disneyland. A broker gave me two courtside tickets to a Golden State Warriors basketball game. A broker assistant organized a company softball team. I organized a Reno, NV weekend trip to celebrate one of our friend's 21st birthday.
What Won: Police, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, military
What Should Have Won: Police, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, military
My Thoughts Jan 2016: I dedicate the 2001 moment to the people who choose a career to save people's lives.

Nominees: eBay, My Fired Boss, Musee Mechanique, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Thanksgiving Trip To Santa Barbara And Los Angeles
Explanation: I signed up on eBay to sell useless goods. My second boss at Colliers International was fired for doing nothing. A friend introduced us to the arcade museum Musee Mechanique in San Francisco. A co-worker introduced me to financial education by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. One of my uncles organized a last minute family Thanksgiving trip to Southern California.
What Won: Rich Dad Poor Dad
What Should Have Won: Rich Dad Poor Dad
My Thoughts Jan 2016: The financial education I learned opened my eyes how rich people become rich in good economic times and bad economic times. My stress level went to virtually none from the end of 2002 to the end of 2006 when my second boss was fired. The lesson I learned when my second boss was fired is true today: have nothing, do nothing, be nothing, and people treat you like nothing. These lessons are part of me today. The winner and second place My Fired Boss were not close.

Nominees: Anime Expo, Bad People Gone, Loneliness, Two Wedding Family Vacation
Explanation: Anime Expo moved back to the renovated Anaheim Convention Center. Every bad person disappeared from my life which included my second boss in 2002. I failed to meet new people. The family took a week vacation because of two back-to-back weddings in Los Angeles and San Diego.
What Won: Anime Expo
What Should Have Won: Anime Expo
My Thoughts Jan 2016: 2003 ended on a bad note. I was lonely. I read too many books. I watched too much anime. I didn't work out at the gym enough. I didn't meet new people. Otherwise, 2003 was a good year. I admit 2003 being a good year somewhat makes no sense.

Nominees: Boston Red Sox Won The World Series, First Costume (Cosplay) At Anime Conventions, Went Online, Las Vegas, Nintendo GameCube, Poker
Explanation: The Red Sox proved curses were meant to be broken. I wore my first cosplay to expand my activities at anime conventions. I created my own webpage My Washington friend and I met in Las Vegas for a three day weekday vacation. I purchased the GameCube because I wanted to play Super Smash Brothers. I participated in the poker craze.
What Won: First Costume (Cosplay)
What Should Have Won: First Costume (Cosplay)
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Expanding on wearing my first cosplay, I quit anime if it wasn't for cosplaying at anime conventions. I watched 17 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist at one of Fanime's midnight marathons. I said to myself at the end of episode eight, "I'm going to cosplay (the main character) Edward Elric". The Fullmetal Alchemist anime series also saved me from quitting anime. The series is my all-time favorite anime series.

Nominees: Anime Expo, Innovating Common Knowledge Blog, My First Laptop, Oregon, Washington Canada
Explanation: Anime Expo 2004 was a bad con experience. I made significant changes which resulted in a fun Anime Expo 2005 such as driving to Anaheim instead of flying and choosing a hotel outside the immediate convention center. I created my first blog Innovating Common Knowledge. My first laptop was a Dell Inspirion 8600. My parents, uncle, and aunt took a trip to Oregon. I visited my friend in Washington for the first time. It was also my first time in Canada.
What Won: Washington Canada
What Should Have Won: Washington Canada
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Cosplaying for the first time in Sep 2004 began my life going up which continued in 2005.

Nominees: Anime Expo, Business Plan Class At De Anza, Crystal Reports Class, Las Vegas, New Circle Of Friends
Explanation: Anime Expo was the best Anime Expo I attended. I enrolled in a Business Plan class because I thought about starting a business. My company paid for Crystal Reports training. My friend from Washington and I organized another Las Vegas trip. I made new friends for the first time.
What Won: Anime Expo
What Should Have Won: Anime Expo
My Thoughts Jan 2016: I hope Anime Expo stop winning the Moment Of The Year. The anime hobby dominated most of my time, yet I could have done a better job balancing being an anime fan and being normal. The new friends I met were all anime fans. If I spent less time on anime, then could I become a mature person earlier in my life? The best examples were stop taking life for granted, be more responsible, and be stronger. If I turned back time, New Circle Of Friends should be the winner because knowing people is the most important in a person's life.

Nominees: Braces For My Teeth, Cisco, First Car, Ren Faire, Settlers Of Catan, Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Explanation: The stars aligned when I thought about getting braces for my teeth, my co-worker got braces for her teeth, and my family dentist said I needed braces. Colliers went downhill motivated me to get a new job at Cisco working in the technology sector for the first time. I purchased my first car from a neighbor moving to Virginia. I attended the Ren Faire for the first time. I experienced a new world of board games playing Settlers Of Catan for the first time. I played my first multi-player online game TF2.
What Won: Cisco
What Should Have Won: Cisco
My Thoughts Jan 2016: The nominees suggested 2007 was a good year. 2007 was the worse year in my life. Jan started on a bad note when my grandfather past away. Mar was the highest peak when I worked at Cisco. The year went downhill consistently starting in June. I took 2007 for granted. The successes weren't earned sincerely and honestly.

Nominees: California Academy Of Science, Gaming PC, Growing Up Being A Mature Adult, Fiction Books, New Mattress, New Year's Eve 2009 At San Francisco, Washington Canada, Workout Gym Plan
Explanation: I visited the new California Academy Of Science in Golden Gate Park with my dad, uncle, and aunt. I built my own desktop named Gaming PC with help. I stopped being immature when I realized I must grow up. I started reading fiction books. I slept on a new mattress. I celebrated New Year's Eve seeing fireworks outdoors for the first time. Washington Canada was a perfect timing vacation. My health improved when I was introduced to following a workout gym plan.

My life changed forever when I realized I must grow up. I could combine all the nominees because they happened after Sat Oct 4, 2008, the day I grew up. Moreover, the timing of the nominees should communicate 2008 was a bad year ending on a good note.

What Won: Growing Up Being A Mature Adult
What Should Have Won: Growing Up Being A Mature Adult
My Thoughts Jan 2016: I still have more growing up. I still have much to catch up what I missed in my 20s and early 30s. There are adventures I must seek. There are new experiences I must experience. I'm working hard to get better.

Nominees: Accutane, Anime Expo, Ballroom Dancing, Braces For My Teeth Removed, De Anza College, Fanime Con, Hiking, Jazz Festivals, Mahjong (Riichi)
Explanation: My better looking face continued taking Accutane to control my acne. Anime Expo was a last minute choice to attend which was fun. My sister introduced me to ballroom dancing. My braces were removed. I went back to school attending De Anza taking ballroom dancing and accounting classes. Fanime '09 was my best Fanime I attended. I hiked on hiking trails around the San Jose area. I attended two jazz festivals because I started becoming interested in jazz. A friend challenged me to relearn Mahjong (Riichi).
What Won: Ballroom Dancing
What Should Have Won: Fanime
My Thoughts Jan 2016: I was a beginner again. I was less sure about life. 2009 was the year I started growing up. One example was open myself up. I did something new. Everything I experienced in 2009 has come back to me in later years.

Nominees: Cable Car, De Anza College Accounting Classes, Ice Skating Lessons, Monterey & Carmel, Paul McCartney Concert, San Francisco Giants Won The World Series, Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Explanation: I rode the cable car in San Francisco for the first time. I choose to major in Accounting at De Anza College going back to school. I was inspired to take ice skating lessons after visiting the Charlie Brown Museum in Summer 2009. My parents, uncle, and aunt visited Monterey and Carmel for a day. I attended a Paul McCartney concert. Finally the San Francisco Giants won a world championship. I finished my first real time strategy video game playing Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty.
What Won: De Anza College Accounting Classes
What Should Have Won: De Anza College Accounting Classes
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Time will tell going back to De Anza College was worth the two years out of the work force from 2009-2011. De Anza hasn't paid off in terms of finding long-term employment. Personally speaking, I was satisfied going back to De Anza to correct many mistakes when I attended San Jose State.

Nominees: Began Job Search, Christmas Tree, Droid X2, Golden Gate Bridge, Girlfriend Alien Cat, Graduated De Anza College, San Jose Sharks
Explanation: I job searched for the first time since Dec 2006-Feb 2007 after I finished my accounting classes. I purchased a 3 foot Christmas tree because my family celebrated Christmas without a Christmas tree for years. I purchased my first Droid X2 smart phone. I walked the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. I met my girlfriend who was my first long relationship. I earned my AA degree in Accounting at De Anza College. I attended my first San Jose Sharks home game at the HP Pavilion.
What Won: Girlfriend Alien Cat
What Should Have Won: Girlfriend Alien Cat
My Thoughts Jan 2016: I should have job searched while I attended De Anza College. Also, I should have job searched in 2009. I could search for an internship, an entry level accounting job, or a full time job. Lesson learned. College students should spend a little time job searching. Job searching informs college students real world knowledge classrooms failed to inform. Moreover, I knew people who found jobs during the Great Recession.

Nominees: Cinequest, Fanime, Half-Life 2, Hunger Games Trilogy, Job Searching, Oakland A's, San Francisco Urban Hike, TV Shows
Explanation: Everyone should attend an independent movie festival such as Cinequest once in their life. Fanime 2012 was redemption after a bad 2011 anime con season. I completed Half-Life 2 from The Orange Box I purchased in 2007. I read The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins in 10 days. I continued job searching with eight interviews. I attended an Oakland A's game for the first time since 1990. I went on an urban hike along The Embarcadero in San Francisco. I was introduced to television shows including Breaking Bad, Justified, and Glee.
What Won: Fanime
What Should Have Won: Fanime
My Thoughts Jan 2016: Fanime finally got recognition; although, to be honest, all the nominees as a collective should have won. 2012 was the year I had fun--arguably too much fun. I made the choice to have as much fun as possible before I started working full time. Enjoy the present. Make fun memories. My job search resulted in eight interviews.

The lesson enjoying the present was misapplied. It's true we should live the present. Live the present intelligently now for the future. I should have spent time learning new job skills and refreshing job skills to improve my resume.

Nominees: Artisan Wine Depot, C6, HTC One M7, Kickstarter, Russian River, South Bay Job Search Network
Explanation: I found a job as a Data Entry/Bookkeeper at Artisan Wine Depot. I learned about a job networking group C6 from another job networking group South Bay Job Search Network. Both networking groups taught me better job searching strategies. I purchased a new smart phone HTC One M7. I was introduced to Kickstarter backing two board games. I went canoeing along the Russian River.
What Won: Artisan Wine Depot
What Should Have Won: Artisan Wine Depot
My Thoughts Jan 2016: One event which failed to be nominated was learning job skills. I used Accountemps online job courses to learn new job skills and refresh existing job skills. Waste of time. Accountemps online courses were boring and ineffective. The lesson I learned in 2014 was learn new job skills via YouTube videos.

Nominees: Anime Retirement, Breaking Bad, Code Academy, Learning New Job Skills And Refreshing Existing Job Skills, Palo Alto Networks, Podcasts
Explanation: I officially retired from anime watching my final anime series Space Brothers. I finished watching my all time favorite TV series Breaking Bad. I learned new job skills and refreshed my existing job skills at Code Academy and YouTube. I found a new job at Palo Alto Networks. I listened to Podcasts for the first time driving home from work.
What Won: Learning New Job Skills And Refreshing Existing Job Skills
What Should Have Won: Palo Alto Networks
My Thoughts Jan 2016: The mistakes I learned when I learned new skills and refreshing existing skills in 2013 paid off. I watched YouTube videos refreshing my Excel and Access skills. I learned Python at Code Academy.

Nominees: 1,000th Blog; Avaya Stadium; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); Golden State Warriors Won NBA Finals; Levi's Stadium; Lost Ten Pounds; Mission Peak; New Feelings Which Were Sacrifice, Nothing To Lose, Out Of My Comfort Zone, Willpower, Not Giving Up; Raymond's Personal Computer; Zion National Park
Explanation: I wrote my 1,000th blog. I attended Avaya Stadium watching the San Jose Earthquakes for the first time. I completed the CERT training seminar. Finally the Golden State Warriors won an NBA Championship. I attended Levi's Stadium watching the San Francisco 49ers for the first time. My improved workout at the gym resulted in losing ten pounds. I hiked an elevated trail Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. I experienced new feelings--adult, mature, grown-up feelings. I upgraded my Gaming PC renaming to Raymond's Personal Computer. I backpacked for the first time at Zion National Park in Utah.
What Won: New Feelings . . .
What Should Have Won: Zion National Park
My Thoughts Jan 2016: 2015 was the beginning of real adulthood. All 2015 nominees were different compared to 1998-2014. The nominees were all adulthood new adventures, new experiences, and new feelings. Destiny, life, and karma may be telling me I'm still in self-training before I become fully an independent professional mature man. My intuition tells me I'm doing many things correctly.


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