Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Solution To Solve Problems

There are so many problems today. Poverty, health care, discrimination, environment, economy, the list goes on and on. Everyone has an idea, an opinion to solve the world's problems. Everyone's solution is not a fix-all problem. Common solutions are everyone must get an education, reform the government, more business regulation, universal health care, go green, raise taxes on the rich, eat healthy and exercise, and innovating technology to solve tomorrow's problems.

My solution is not a fix-all problem. My solution is not a fix for the public. My solution is for individuals. What is my solution? The answer is cooking ^__^

Yes, my solution is cooking! Think about it. Women who want to win a man's heart must go through his stomach. Likewise for men. Women are impressed men cook. Cooking is a skill everyone must know. Cooking takes time to learn. Lots of time. Cooking involves creativity. Your make a meal with your hands. When you cook, you control what you eat. Eat healthy, cook healthy.

I believe people are in better moods, feel great, happy and being the best when they eat a good meal. People feel great they cooked a meal for themselves and for others, and the others feel good. Everyone feels good =) The good mood and the happy atmosphere spread in a family household, a group of friends, co-workers, and new people getting to know each other. People in good mood are better able to handle individual problems including stress. Good food equals great positive energy! Great positive energy spreads anywhere a good spirited person goes. A good spirited person tackles any problem individually or universally. The more individuals are in a good mood, the more likely people are in a good mood and we solve problems XD

I rate my cooking skills as "survivable." In other words, I know enough cooking where I live by myself and I take care of myself. I take control of what I eat. I always learn new ways to cook food. I desire to learn new ways to cook. I innovate my cooking. I learn a new recipe. I learn a new technique. I learn a new tip. I learn a mistake.

If you don't know how to cook, start cooking. Buy a beginner cookbook and start cooking. Go to the grocery store and buy fresh food and ingredients: meat, vegetables, spices, grains, cooking oils, etc. You're not going to be a professional chef overnight. There is trial and error. The more you cook, the better your cooking skills are.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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